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7 Amazing Custom Eyeliner Boxes Packaging Designs that will make You Smile

If you actually want to put an attractive and a lasting impression on the customers who are fond of buying eyeliner products, pay attention to your custom eyeliner boxes right now. As you do a bit of research, you will find a variety of options in terms of styles, designs and the sizes. Plus, some custom options are also available which is just giving the product the needed requirements and outlook which it always wants. 

Importance of custom eyeliner boxes packaging for your cosmetic brand

The reason why custom packaging is becoming the main talk of the town is because it grants excellent printing results to the whole packaging design. You can make it get added with the product or the brand information for the advertisement purposes. 

Most of the eyeliner boxes wholesale are manufactured through the cardboard material which is durable enough for the protection of the product during shipping. 

It is extremely important to use variety of themes and designs in the box styling to represent it in the matter which you have always wished for. Make sure your packaging is looking attractive to grab the attention of the customers in just one look. 

7 Amazing Custom Eyeliner Boxes Packaging Designs to Pick Now 

1. Ombre Style:

First style of the eyeliner packaging box is the ombre style which is all about changing the color themes from the darker to the bright one. You can often mix different colors all at once for the presentation of something better. 

It would be better option if you choose the color formation in a variety and does not stuck yourself to just the brighter or the darker one. Hence, it can also work best if you choose something which is according to the theme of the product so it can look attractive as well. 

2. Layered One:

How about using the layered one which is another common and most latest packaging design to pick right now! If we talk about this packaging design, you should pay your first attention in drawing various color or design layers over printed eyeliner boxes

If the company logo is based on different color shades, you can use all those colors in variety of layers to give your eyeliner boxes packaging an attractive look. No doubt that using different colors in the layer form is becoming a new trend which almost every industry is following now. 

3. Brighter Crisper, and Extra Clear:

You should always look for the design which is displaying all the basic details of the business and so as the product in a clear manner. Try to print some clear edges and should fine borders with the brighter colors before you finish the whole style of custom eyeliner packaging. This is how you will be able to give the whole area a comfort and an area for the customers to win your attention. 

You can use a black line border over the packaging edges to let the display have the edgy contrast and sharper looks. Just make sure you are wise enough when using the space in between the borders. 

4. Window-Cut:

For the custom eyeliner boxes, we will also mention about the window cut boxes which is another best style to adopt for the packaging design. By adding the window into the box, you can give customers a full freedom to see what exactly is available inside the box. It would not be wrong to this window pane is the bridge between the customer and the product

Some of the transparent window panes have the ribbon or the bow handle on the top to easily carry it around from one place to another one. 

5. Glossier:

To let your packaging have the sleek, clean and the minimal design, you should always go with the addition of glossy touch in the box packaging. You should make an effort to let the design be the minimal one to attract the customer’s attention at the first glance. 

For the customers, it is not impressive to have the custom eyeliner boxes crowded with too much of detail about the product or brand. So you should always reduce it to the number which is minimum and giving a natural look. With the minimum design, you can superbly enhance the whole uniqueness of your business and so as the product. 

6. Color Pop:

If we define color pop, it is all about a small line which is between minimalistic and modern designs. If you want your packaging to be available in such style, then playing with the colors is something which should be your first choice. Some of the boxes are available with single colors and some are available in the multi-color formations which add the whole box a unique look. 

Add the pop up effect in the unique eyeliner packaging according to the box requirements. Each one of the box has its own specifications, amazing color effects and themes which make it look unique and different from the competitor brands. 

7. Space Age Design:

Last style of wholesale eyeliner packaging is to look for the space age design! Application of the space age design is something which can prove to be a conversion between the customer and the product. It is elegant and stylish looking for winning the customer trust and offering them with something which they wish for. 

When designing printed eyeliner boxes, you should add the retro images, number of color splashes or the abstract characters all at once. This is how you can reflect the business and the product into better presentation. 


Well we hope that through the above guide, you will be able to pick the thrilling design for the custom eyeliner boxes in a way which you always wish for. Go for the latest designs and find something which is not just updated but it even looks plea.

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