• Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Grab the Best Offers on Your Favourite Cycle on this Festive Season

Cycles are extremely convenient modes of transport. They are cost-effective, efficient, and environment friendly. It is not dependent on any fossil fuel or other expensive energy sources, so it is cost-effective. Cycles do not have any harmful emissions and help reduce our carbon footprint, and therefore have a massive advantage over other modes of transport. 

In addition, cycling is a good cardiovascular exercise and helps maintain body fitness. Over the years, cycles have become exceedingly popular and are favoured for the affordable ladies cycle price. This article discusses some of the best cycles and how you can purchase them during this festive season at an affordable Leader cycle price.

  • Firefox Bikes Road Runner Pro-D 215 Hybrid Cycle

The Road Runner Pro-D 215 Hybrid Cycle is one of the best hybrid and commuting bicycles from Firefox Bikes, available at an affordable rate. This stylish bicycle is best suited for daily commutes for adults. It is extremely convenient, lightweight and comfortable for regular use. It has been equipped with a Zoom Suspension fork with Microshift FD and RD, Microshift Fire Shifters and disc brakes for power braking. 

The double-wall rims and seat QR can be adjusted for added strength and comfort. The Firefox Bikes Road Runner Pro-D 215 Hybrid cycle has an alloy frame that adds to its functionality and durability as a commuting cycle. It is one of the most popular cycles for everyday use.

  • HERO Miss India Gold Single Girl’s Cycle

Hero has always been a popular choice in the Indian subcontinent when it comes to bicycles. The Hero Miss India Series is available at a budget-friendly ladies cycle price and is best suited for girls and women over 13 years of age. It is a non geared single speed bicycle perfect for everyday rides. Crafted from a mild steel frame, the HERO Miss India bicycle is lightweight, comfortable and resistant to most physical damages. 

The bicycle has been equipped with wire brakes at the front and the rear, and for power, braking instantly. The adjustable seat and handlebar provide added comfort and convenience while cycling. In addition, it has a spacious carrier in front to carry materials. The Hero Miss India Girl’s cycle is available in an attractive build and several cool colour accents.

  • Leader Scout 26T Front Suspension Front Disc Cycle

Leader is among the most popular brands in India that deals with manufacturing and distributing premium ranges of cycles for everyday and recreational or casual use. The Leader Scout 26T Front Suspension Front Disc Cycle is among the most frequently purchased models because of its superior build and amazing reliability. It is also equipped with superb traction tyres that ensure safety in rough terrains. 

The Leader Scout 26T Front Suspension Front Disc Cycle has been structured using a Mig Welded steel frame for high tensile strength, durability and shock resistance. It is lightweight, sturdy, and can withstand most physical damages. The rigid steel fork also enhances its shock resistance. The efficient braking system, hi-grip handlebar and comfortable seating contribute to the popularity of this bicycle.  

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