• Fri. May 24th, 2024

Get Never Before Offered on Refrigerators on This Festive Season

An electrical appliance, refrigerator, or fridge plays a fundamental role in every
household. From piling up stocks of edibles or drinks to keeping them cool and fresh,
these have numerous tasks. Consequently, be it a single-door fridge or a double-
door one, everyone wishes to bring home the best model of the gadget. Now tell me,
can there be a better time to purchase a fridge other than this festival season that
also brings amazing offers and tempting discounts? One such instance is Samsung’s
‘home like never before’ offer.

Before we deep dive into the details, let me inform you that the offer has already
started from 25th September 2021 and will be valid till 10th November 2021. It
applies to most digital appliances. Major cashbacks, low EMIs, long warranty periods
– it’s providing lots of advantages.

So, now let’s move to our recommendations of the most astounding and innovative
models of the Samsung refrigerator available at the best prices under this offer:

1. Samsung Refrigerator RR20A282YCU:
● No longer at INR 19,999, but you can avail of it at INR 16,200 only.
● This single-door fridge has a capacity of 192 liters.
● It is available in eye-popping colors like camellia black, camellia blue, and
camellia purple. The quirky design made brilliantly on the model gives it an
aesthetic appearance and can woo any buyer.
● Its digital inverter technology is an added advantage and provides energy
efficiency without any hindrance. This has a warranty period as long as 10
● Its stabilizer-free operation reduces the effects of fluctuations in power.
● More spacious, stronger (because of the hard glasses) and highly hygienic
(the installed anti-bacterial gasket).
● EMI of the model starts from a very minimal amount, INR 1342.75 only.
● It covers a warranty period of a year.

2. Samsung Refrigerator RR23A2K3YBX
● Available at INR 20,800 only.
● This Samsung fridge also has one door, but its capacity is higher – 220 liters.
● Its specialty is the curd maestro technology that helps automatically make
fresh and consistent curd without any manual help.
● Like any other latest model of Samsung, it also possesses a digital inverter
that enjoys a 10-year warranty.
● Not 1 or 2, but a buyer will choose from 19 colors if they opt for this model.

● Its stylish exterior and an enhanced interior with all the facilities like more
space, a LED lamp, hard glasses, and shelves, etc., can give a premium look
to the kitchen.
● Auto express cooling, rapid making of ice, stabilizer-free operation, the
assured freshness of up to 2 weeks are the other benefits.
● While the EMR is only INR 1704.23 per month, the warranty period extends
for one year.

3. Samsung Refrigerator RT30T3743S9
● Save more than INR 6,000 by purchasing this latest model equipped with all
the new technologies at only INR 27,2789.
● With a capacity as high as 275 liters, the model has two doors.
● Its specification includes a convertible freezer that can create additional space
of up to 88 liters.
● Besides making it more spacious, its all-around cooling technology ensures
that every compartment is cooled at an equal rate.
● A digital inverter, a stabilizer-free operation, and a mobile ice maker serve
their regular functions.
● The energy-saving alarm prevents energy wastage while the moist, fresh
zone keeps the edibles fresh for a long.
● EMI is only around INR 2300 each month, and the warranty ends after a year.

4. Samsung Refrigerator RS72R5001M9
● One of the costliest models of Samsung, yet available at INR 74990 only.
● Its side-by-side structure makes it a lot spacious, creating a capacity as high
as 700 liters.
● The highly demanded model is provisioned with the spaceman technology
that maximizes the internal space without increasing the dimensions of the
exterior part.
● Its smooth and flawless appearance beautifies the kitchen.
● Its cool power technology delivers rapid cooling services.
● Available in silver matt color, some of its other benefits include all-around
cooling, digital inverter technology, a deodorizing filter for vanishing unwanted
smells, etc.
● Its no-cost EMI is just a little more than INR 4,000.

5. Samsung Refrigerator RR23A2E3X4R
● This bestseller model is available only at INR 19,900 for a limited period.
● This single-door refrigerator is furnished with a capacity of around 255 liters.
● With a stylish and attractive look, it is of three different colors.

● At such an affordable price, the buyer will be enjoying the benefits of the Digi-
touch cool technology – quick cooling, being frost-free, preservation of energy
with a door alarm and eco mode, etc.
● And of course, every other facility to maintain good hygiene, view every
compartment clearly, ensure freshness of foods, etc., are also there in this
● With a warranty of one year, its no-cost EMI starts at only INR 1,649 a month.

The best part about purchasing a Samsung fridge mentioned above is that you will
be getting exciting amounts of cashback as well, as much as INR 500 and even
more. Festivals like Diwali are that time of the year when we try to search for
calmness in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. That’s when we decide to
decorate and upgrade our homes or living spaces. So, to make your festive vibe
more exciting, grab your preferred single-door fridge or a double-door one from