All about udyog aadhaar registration and udyam registration.

The ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise issue a 12 digit registration number to existing and new small and medium enterprise in the nation that apply for registration.

The ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise issue a 12 digit registration number to existing and new small and medium enterprise in the nation that apply for registration. On 18th of september, 2015 the one page udyog aadhaar memorandum project went into effect. It has simplified the previously time consuming process of applying for msme registration which required small and medium enterprise to fill out entrepreneur memorandum part one and entrepreneur memorandum part two form, each of which consisted of nearly 11 different form, as well as the required attested certificate.

The development of such an online user friendly form has significantly decreased the amount of time and effort required for the full process of applying for micro, small and medium enterprise registration and verifying the paper. In 2006 the micro, small and medium enterprise development act was enacted to address policy concern impacting micro, small and medium enterprise as well as the sector coverage and investment ceiling. According to the micro, small and medium enterprise act of 2006, all enterprise must register with their local district industry centre and file an entrepreneur memorandum part one if they want to establish a manufacturing and service firm and an entrepreneur memorandum part two after they have begun production. In some ways having a udyog aadhar card is similar to having a permanent account number card and an aadhar card for small enterprise.

When opening a bank account as well as filing for value added tax registration the registration can serve as confirmation of your company identification. The udyog aadhar identification number is required if you are seeking a benefit from the federal and state government under a plan . Although the udyog aadhar certification does not entitle you to any advantage it is the very minimum necessary to qualify for any small scale industry related incentive.

Reasons for registering for a udyog aadhaar.

Prior to october 2016 registering as an micro, small and medium enterprise required a lot of documentation and the completion of employment memorandum one  and two. The kamath committee on micro, small and medium enterprise financial structure on the other hand advocated for a single window clearing mechanism. Through the micro, small and medium enterprise development act of 2006, the indian government periodically offer different incentive to boost micro, small and medium enterprise. You would need to register for this which is given through udyog aadhar.

Furthermore under the 2017 trademark rules a specific provision has been made for micro and small enterprise. The fee for submitting a trademark application for micro, small and medium enterprise are just half of what they are for other types of enterprise according to schedule a of the regulation.

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What is the purpose of registering for udyog aadhaar?

Although having a udyog aadhar is not required it is recommended that enterprise obtain one since it allow them to obtain information and apply for service given by all ministry and department online. Previously only medium sized enterprise were required to submit entrepreneur memorandum two due to its complexity, however the streamlined udyog aadhaar will allow all enterprise to file and register allowing them to access additional service simply by using their udyog aadhaar number. 

In india the registration process for udyog aadhaar is called udyog aadhaar.

The online udyog aadhar registration method was designed to encourage the submission of entrepreneur memorandum for micro, small and medium enterprise over the internet. The registration procedure for udyog aadhar would be simplified thank to the online udyog aadhar registration system. The micro, small and medium enterprise will self certify its existence and bank account as well as business activity data and employment as well as ownership detail and other information in the registration form.

To complete the registration process for small and medium sized enterprise we must follow the step outlined below.

The owner has two option for completing up the single registration form online and offline.

If you want to register in more than one industry you can do so by submitting a separate application.

You must fill out a single form which is also available on the website to register.

The personal aadhar number is necessary to begin the registration process followed by the name of the business and address as well as bank account information.

You will receive a registration number after submitting the form.

Online udyog aadhaar registration document and information.

Aadhaar number.The applicant 12 digit aadhaar number.

Owner name. The name of the applicant as it appear on the unique identification authority of india issued aadhaar card.

Social category. Applicant in the social category scheduled caste and  scheduled tribe and other backward caste. Please affix a copy of your certificate. 

Name of the company. The name of the legal entity that will do business with you. One applicant can have several enterprise each of which must be registered for a distinct udyog aadhaar with the same aadhaar number.

Organizational structure. This is a type of legal and business entity. Partnership firm with a proprietorship other hindu undivided family and private limited company as well as co operative public limited company self help group hindu undivided family private limited company.

Postal address. The enterprise address as well as a phone number and an email address.

Commencement date.Date of the company start up.

Previous registration information. If relevant information about any previous micro, small and medium enterprise registration.

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Bank account information. The company bank account information including the international financial system code and account number.

Major activity. The company main line of business is either manufacturing and service.

National interchange code. Use the national industrial classification manual to find the relevant national interchange code.

Total number of employee. The total number of employee in the company.

Plant and machinery investment. The amount of money spent by the company on machinery and equipment.

District industry center. If applicable information on the district industry centre closest to the firm.

Who is eligible to register as an micro, small and medium enterprise?

Anyone with a valid aadhaar number can apply online for micro, small and medium enterprise registration.

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