• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

How to resolve Microsoft Office Error 30125-1007

Microsoft Office Error 30125-1007 If your attempts to download Office are unsuccessful and you receive an error message, this is usually an attempt to explain why. There are several reasons that can cause MS Setup Bootstrapper error. Often, the error is caused by system files getting corrupted or the earlier installation files not being cleaned up correctly.

To fix error 30125-1007, take the steps described within this post in the correct sequence. Check if the error is fixed after you complete each troubleshooting techniques mentioned in this blog.

If you install Office, it is possible to see error code 30125-1007. If your prior installation of Office didn’t work, Office. Here are some options to get rid of error 30125-1007. We have listed the top solutions before. Then you can try the solutions in order.

Causes of Microsoft Office Error 30125-1007

  • Firewalls or anti-virus software can block the installation of Office.
  • Internet connectivity or setting up a proxy prevents Office to install.
  • An earlier version is preventing Office suite installation.
  • Incomplete\Partial\Failed Repair\Installation\Changes\Removal may have prevented installing a newer version of the previous Office suite.

Steps to resolve Microsoft Office Error 30125-1007

1 – Repair your Office App

Error code 30125-1007 can be corrected after the Office Repair Tool replaces all corrupted system files. Follow the steps below to use the repair tool to fix the problem.

  • Open Control Panel using Start.
  • Click Programs, and then select Programs and Features.
  • Click the Office product you want to fix.
  • Click Change.
  • Select Quick Repair, then click Repair. In the event that Quick Repair did not fix error code 30125-1007, choose Online Repair and click Repair.

2. Remove the MS Office

If the problem persists even after you run the Office Repair Tool, remove Office from your system.

  • Open Control Panel using Start.
  • Click Programs, and then select Programs and Features.
  • Select the Office suite, then choose to remove.

Manually Remove Office

If error 30125-1007 is appearing repeatedly, follow these steps to remove Office programs from your PC.

Step 1: Remove Windows Installer Package

  • Find out where to find the Office 16 installation folder, which is usually located in C:\Program Files\.
  • Right-click on the 16folder of Microsoft Office with a right-click, and choose Delete.

Step 2: Remove Office Scheduled Tasks

  • Open a command prompt with administrator.
  • At the Command Prompt for Command Prompt, type the following commands, and then press Enter.

3: Use Task Manager to End Click-to-Run Tasks

  • Open Task Manager.
  • Click on Process tab
  • If any of the following processes are running, then right-click on each of them and then choose End Task after selecting each one.

4: Delete Office Files

  • Press the Windows logo key and R together to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Enter %Program Files% in the box that says Open, and select OK.
  • Extract all files in the “Microsoft Office 16” folder.
  • Extract from “Microsoft Office” folder.
  • Start the Run dialog box, then type “Program Files (x86)”%”, and then click OK.
  • Extract from “Microsoft Office” folder.

5: Delete Office Registry Sub keys

  • Open Registry Editor.
  • Remove registry sub key:
  • Then remove Office Key.

6: Delete Start Menu Shortcut

  • Open a command prompt with an administrator.
  • Type Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs and then press Enter.
  • Extract from “Microsoft Office 2016 Tools” folder.

This blog will help you with troubleshooting steps on How to resolve Microsoft Office Error 30125-1007. If you got here by performing all the above troubleshooting procedures. If the problem is not resolved, you can call the help desk to get more help.