• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Top Rated THC-O Gummies for Best Effects – Know all about THC-O Gummies

THC-O gummies are made using all natural THC-O Natural Acetate Hemp Extract. There are no added chemicals, artificial flavors, or colors. THC-O’s effects last longer than regular THC and come on slowly and smoothly while allowing you to feel clear and energized enough to handle your day and enjoy your evening.

THC-O Gummies available flavors include mandarin orange , blue raspberry, strawberry, orange , pineapple , sour apple, grape , cherry.

These THC-O gummies are available in 5 different flavors to choose from. Each pack contains 10mg THC-O acetate per gummy.

How many will you eat?

THC-O gummies are a fast and easy way to achieve the same effects as cannabis. Simply place one or two gummies in your mouth and let them slowly dissolve. Each THC-O gummy is 100mg THC-O, which is a cannabinoid very similar to THC found in marijuana. THC-O also shares many benefits of Delta 9 compounds including pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. The effects of this compound can last up to 2 hours or more, depending on dose and tolerance.”

THC-O gummies are imported from ethanol extracted concentrated hemp oil with an added food grade vegetable glycerin. The ethanol was derived in the United States. Multiple lab reports show this concentration is THC-O acetate 85 mg per gummy, CBD 5mg per gummy, CBN 1mg per gummy, and CBG .4 mg per gummy. These gummies are in the shape of worms (Crawlers) . They come in a 100mg per pack metal tin can with 6 worms inside for 0.7g each.

Bearly Legal THCO Gummies

Bearly Legal THCO Gummies

Bearly Legal THC-O Pineapple Guava gummies taste like a fruity sensation of juicy fruit – a scrumptious combination of juicy pineapple, tangy guava, and luscious mango. These gummies are definitely the best gummies you will ever taste. Each limited edition Pineapple Guava Gummy bears a THC mark to show confirmation that they contain 0.5mg of active ingredients including: THC and CBD. Your body craves real food and so Bearly Legal takes real fruit and infuses it with delicious THC-O naturally extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant.

These gummies taste like a fruity sensation of juicy fruit – a scrumptious combination of juicy pineapple, tangy guava, and luscious mango. With 10mg total active THC per box (plus other natural cannabinoids), you get the perfect amount of active THC in each bite. Their delicious fruity flavor and great taste make these gummies a scrumptious way to get your THC. You will love their look and super fun bears! Just try one and we promise that you will be hooked!

THC-O Pineapple Guava Gummies 200mg 

Bearly Legal THC-O Pineapple Guava gummies are unlike any edible you’ve ever tried. These tasty little morsels pack the same potency of smoking 2 joints (up to 800mg THC) in each container. Available in packs of 30.

Bearly Legal’s THC-O Gummies Pineapple Guava 200mg are the perfect mix of a delicious pineapple guava flavor and a classic edibles high. These chewy THC-O gummies contain a total of 200mg of THC made from high grade CO2 which is considered by many to be one of the cleanest and tastiest methods to extract cannabinoids from cannabis. Buy THC-O gummies from the exclusive distributor of Delta 8 THC in the USA.