WHY CUSTOM TRADE SHOW EXHIBITS? What is the key to attract every eye in a crowded trade show or an expo? Uniqueness is everything you need for your brand when you’re exhibiting at a trade show. Every business and brand has different requirements and custom trade show booths is an excellent way to fulfill them. You can present your business exactly the way you’d like with a custom exhibit display. By taking help from any professional custom exhibition stand builders for designing your own custom trade show exhibit you can help your brand to maximize its visibility and reach to the crowd. Custom trade show booth designs allow the brand to use custom technologies, booth furniture, signage, and much more, as per their needs. Custom exhibit booths provides you a high level of control from your trade show exhibit design, layout, and features to booth furniture, looks and feels. Hiring custom trade show booth manufacturers will result in a more effective trade show exhibit that lets you stand out from the crowd, attract attention and generate a higher investment return from any event, trade show, or convention. Here at Triumfo, we provide a wide range of customizable designs. You just need to provide us with specifications, exhibiting needs, budget, and we will tailor it to your specific needs. We specialize in developing high-quality trade show exhibit booths with the help of a complete in-house manufacturing facility. From manufacturing your custom trade show displays we also print its graphics to provide you a complete booth ready for your trade show event. Contact us to get answers to all your trade show exhibit booth queries and needs and we ensure you a remarkable and stress-free experience. Get your perfect trade show exhibit booth without any hustle and bustle. Go ahead and get started with Triumfo! Your search for a perfect and cost effective custom trade show booth ends here with Triumfo. We are one-stop to accomplish your business objectives with fascinating custom trade show exhibits. Triumfo offers you end-to-end services to create a customized trade show booth that reflects your brand image.

The average cost of a trade show booth in the USA!

Before knowing the average cost of a trade show booth in the USA, first, you must know the type of trade show booth construction companies in Boston you wish to select. It is important to understand that the time and money spent in any trade show exhibit is a direct contributing factor to the quality of the leads that are generated. Best exhibitors prefer not to design and build their own trade show booths but look up to the experts for getting it done.

As per a survey, an average exhibitor spends more than 11% of their trade show spending’s on the trade show booth construction companies Chicago and construction. It may look low, but this figure considers a reasonable amount of people who wish to buy expensive trade show booths.

Trade Show Booth Costs: The Exhibit

An expert trade show booth construction companies Indianapolis handles all the aspects of the booth design and construction process to offer you the ultimate high-quality exhibits which are built as per the exact specifications.

The pricing of all the major factors which contribute to the exhibit cost are:

  • The booth size.
  • Type and number of components used.
  • Material used while building any of the trade show booth.
  • Designing, building and storage to various cities.
  • Logistics.

Booth categories are:

  • Portable
  • Modular
  • Custom
  • Typically a square costs includes all the structural elements. These also include lightening, graphics, crates and packaging material.
  • A/V equipment and content are not included in the square footage cost and depends upon the type of trade show booth services availed.
  • In certain cases, flooring and furniture cost is included, but this isn’t always fixed.
  • It’s vital to check the costing beforehand while going for selection of any trade show booth.
  1. Portable Exhibits: A portable trade show display, are designed as per quick, easy to set-up high-branding features. Portable exhibits are one which can be transported easily from one place to other. If the portable exhibit are small, it’s possible to shift them to any trade show in your own vehicle. It’s quite helpful for smaller organizations which appear for the trade shows even without making any large initial investments. Usually, the costing is between $50 to $125 per square foot.
  • Modular Exhibits: In a modular trade show display, the complete trade show booth is made up of various different-different pieces. A modular trade show booth includes display stands, demonstration islands, and other features. For modular exhibits, usually the costing is between $75 and $225 per square foot.
  • Custom Exhibits: Thosecompanies which are looking to invest higher on the financial aspects look for the custom design exhibits as the best option. Here, all the trade show booths can be easily customized as per the client’s specifications. As the costing gets higher, a completely customized trade show booth not only helps the company to maximize their impact but create a long-term impression on business.Usually, a custom exhibit costs range from $125 to $325 or more per square foot.
  • Flooring: Unexpectedly, flooring causes a major impact on the look and feel of any trade show booth. It’s not wrong to say here that the comfort zone of the trade show booth staff must be the first priority. Flooring costs varies as per the chosen style and size of the trade show booth.

ROI Calculation:

ROI directly depends on the amount spent on generating the leads and whether those leads were finally converted to sales. Here, the customer service department has to be very proactive in calculating the Roi.

Triumfo is an established group dealing in the booth construction industry for decades and experts across the globe trust us for creative styling and designs. Feel free to connect anytime!

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