Bajaj Finance Customer Care

Guide to Reach Out to Bajaj Finance Customer Care Services

Bajaj Finance is one of the most reputed non-banking financial companies operating in India. As per an October 2021 report, the organisation saw a 37% increase in new loan bookings as compared to the previous quarter. Individuals looking to borrow funds or avail any service from this particular NBFC can do so using offline and online avenues. 

Nevertheless, one must know all about Bajaj Finserv customer care services before he/she starts the official application process. With prompt assistance, such application procedures can be considerably streamlined. Moreover, borrowers can connect with the customer care professionals during their loan tenor whenever necessary.

Ways to contact Bajaj Finance Customer Care

As a customer, you have four major options when seeking help from the NBFC. These include:

  • Calling on the toll-free number
  • SMS
  • Getting in touch via the Bajaj Finserv Experia app or portal
  • Sending an email to the lending institution

Before proceeding with your loan application, ensure that you have a distinct understanding about each of the procedures listed above.

  • Calling the Bajaj Finserv Customer Care number

As stated previously, the company allows customers to call on a toll-free number to seek assistance. The number is – 08698010101. Keep in mind that this number is only for existing Bajaj Finance customers.  

As soon as one places a call on this number, he/she is immediately connected to a customer care professional. Customers can resolve all queries regarding their ongoing advances and more through such a call. Apart from Hindi and English, the lender offers support in eight other regional languages for convenience.

Individuals should place the call from the registered contact number for increased convenience. However, to seek help from a different phone number, one needs only have his/her EMI card number or customer ID nearby for accelerated verification. 

Lastly, since this is a pan India service, the contact number remains the same regardless of the caller’s location. This eases the contact process further.

  • Sending an SMS to resolve queries

After learning about the Bajaj Finance toll-free number, you must understand the process to seek help via SMS. This can be handy when placing a call is difficult. Customers need to type certain pre-defined messages when requiring specific assistance. Then, they must send this SMS to 9227564444.

Here are a list of messages and the resulting information one can acquire after sending them.

  1. Experia – To acquire login information for the Bajaj Finserv Experia app or customer portal
  2. EMICARD – All relevant information regarding one’s Bajaj Finserv EMI card
  3. HELP – Get your loan details using this particular SMS
  4. UPD – If one needs to update his/her registered email ID, this message would be useful
  5. PIN – The four-digit pin for a customer’s EMI card is received via SMS on his registered phone number after this message is sent
  6. BRANCH – Acquire information about nearby Bajaj Finserv branches
  7. NDC – After a loan is cleared, customers can send this message to receive a no dues certificate, which officially recognises that all of his/her liabilities are clear.

Keep in mind that SMS customer care service is only available when the message is sent from the registered contact number.

  • Using Bajaj Finserv Experia

Experia is an online Bajaj customer portal specifically designed so that borrowers and EMI cardholders can keep track of their liabilities, monthly instalments due and more. Existing customers can log in using their customer ID and unique password to look for relevant information and help.

Individuals can also download and install the Bajaj Finserv Experia mobile application on their phones for easier access. Besides query resolution, registering on this online portal can help existing customers take advantage of attractive offers in the future.

Bajaj Finserv provides pre-approved offers to its customers, accelerating the borrowing process significantly. These offers are available on secured and unsecured financial products. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing just a few details. 

  • Contacting customer care through email

Visit and select the ‘Email Us’ option. Next, send your enquiry to the Bajaj customer care email ID, along with your registered mobile number, customer ID or account number. Remember to send this mail from your registered email ID to receive a faster response.

The above-listed options are some of the easiest ways to get in touch with your lender and resolve any queries. Apart from these, one can also decide to visit the nearest Bajaj Finance branch to seek help in person.

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