• Sat. May 18th, 2024

How is Goa the perfect location to buy a house?

Goa is becoming a very popular real estate investment destination in India. However, before you buy a property in Goa, the first question that comes to your mind is where exactly are you going to purchase your property. There are also a lot of other questions that may come to the buyer’s mind at regular intervals. So, here we are with a quick guideline on how you can buy house in goa:

Where can you purchase a property in Goa?

You will be able to buy a property at multiple places in Goa but not along the 150 km beach because of certain restrictions put down by the government. Even if you are a traditional occupant of Goa, you will not be able to make any construction there. Apart from that, there are various other locations in Goa that you can opt for. You can also look for a property that is really close to the beach. 

Well, buying house in Goa can be a really good investment. This is especially true for North Goa which is a lot more affordable for the home sticker. So, people who are looking forward to getting a property or investments prefer North Goa over South Goa as it offers better resale values. It is also better developed and is also a popular location among the tourists.

A few reasons why Goa is the perfect location to buy a house?

Goa is no doubt the perfect location for purchasing a property and this is mainly because of the following reasons:

Scenic beauty: Goa is known for its extraordinary scenic beauty. The place is untouched by all kinds of contamination and is also quite cool and serene. you would love the atmosphere there. You would also get a really peaceful and beautiful vibe if you buy house in goa.

Culture: Goa has a very precious culture. This is mainly because of the fact that it was occupied by the Portuguese for a prolonged duration of time. The impact of Portuguese culture still lingers in Goa. As a result, it has a very rich culture and the life of the people in Goa is also quite different from other regions of the country.

High per capita income: Goa has the highest capita income in India. It is no doubt one of the wealthiest states of India. There are numerous work opportunities for people. Also, the state is one of the best states in India as per living standards.

There are over 7,000 bars to choose from: If you are someone who loves to have a drink on weekends and holidays, then Goa is the perfect location for you. There are multiple options available for you to choose from. Also, there are numerous wonderful restaurants in Goa.

Cost of living: The cost of living is quite affordable in Goa. You will not have to spend a fortune in order to lead a life there. The other expenses including home rent are also quite affordable.

And these are the few reasons why you should buy house in goa. For further information regarding how exactly you can buy a house in Goa, you can get in touch with us and we will help you out.