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You Can Make Animated Videos In Just A Few Steps, Here Is The Tutorial

If you want to learn how to make animated videos at home in easy steps, then definitely read our article. With its help, you will also be able to make animated videos.

The craze of animation has increased a lot in the last few days. People have started getting interested in animation and due to this people also try to make it. An animation is a great tool, and creating an animated video yourself will make the animation process even more fun. Animation gives you the ability to give power, life, and emotion to inanimate objects, people, or pictures that would otherwise be lifeless. Most people enjoy watching movies, watching cartoons, or playing animated games, so it’s no surprise that you might be interested in creating animated videos.

Although many people think that making a movie or video requires a large studio or production, it is actually very easy to make. Today we are going to show you how you can create your own animated video in 10 simple steps. For this, we will use Windows Movie Maker, which is animated video making software and which is also easy to download.

How To Make Animated Video

Step 1: Draw

Before you start adding technology into the equation, you should have a pretty good idea of what your animated video will look like. First, prepare your cartoon or vision to make a video and then proceed.

Step 2: Create a Flipbook

Many filmmakers create a storyboard or a vision board before beginning their filming process. To get a better view of your effort when you’re making an animated video, consider creating a flipbook. Make sure that the picture drawn in your flipbook matches the frame to frame of the animated movie.

Step 3: Photograph or Scan

Take photos or scan any frames you’ve created so that they can be saved in a file on your computer. You’ll need a digital picture of each picture you take so that you can bring your cartoon to life. While taking a photo, arrange the picture as you want it in your animated video.

Step 4: Edit

Once you have saved your pictures on your computer, edit them. You can use any type of photo editing program, such as Photoshop or GIMP that can be downloaded for free.

Step 5: Download Window Movie Maker

As we mentioned above that we will create animated video in Window Movie Maker, so first download it in your computer beforehand. After that open this software and do your work.

Step 6 : Import all the pictures

Import all your saved pictures into Window Movie Maker. For this, go to ‘File’ of Window Movie Maker and click on ‘Import to Collection’. All the pictures will appear on your screen.

Step 7: Add Pictures to the Timeline

After importing pictures into Window Movie Maker, right-click on all the pictures and set them one by one to play them in an animated video. A rectangle will pop up on the screen for you to click. Click on the first box, which says ‘Add to Timeline’. The picture you clicked will appear in a rectangle at the bottom of your screen with ‘Video’ written on the right side. Do the same with each drawing.

Step 8 : Delete the picture

You’ll also need to delete pictures that are already in the ‘Collection’ box. While deleting its pictures, note that you do not touch the box with ‘Video’ by mistake.

Step 9 : Add Video Effects

Now you have to put animation. For this right click on ‘All’. When the rectangle pops up, click the box that says ‘Video Effects’. Then scroll down and click on ‘Speed   Up, Double’. Click on the option ‘Add’ and then select ‘Speed   Up, Double’ like this 6 times. Now press the OK button and your animated video will be created.

Step 10 : Watch the Preview of the Video

After completing all the steps, you can preview how your video turned out. For this, click on the menu button and click on the option of ‘Play’. Then click on ‘Play Timeline’. Now you can watch your finished animated video.

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