• Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

Repairing Of Damaged Hair

Dryness or damage to your hair can be avoided if you end up taking proper care of your hair. As all of you might be aware that hair is incorporated by three major layers and it is the outer layer that is responsible for restoring the look of your hair in the best possible way. Even the chemical processes like pollution or dirt and even environmental issues are going to have repercussions on your hair. You could apply dandruff shampoos for colour treated hair, but you need to figure out the reasons for hair damage.


The moment you stick to hair bleaching you compel the cuticles so as to eradicate the stain from your hair. Considerable harm arises to the cuticle as it is prone to breakage and split ends. Since there is nothing to lock as far as moisture of your hair is concerned it is expected to become dry and lifeless. It can be bad but once you provide heat to your bleached hair, these speeds up the process of bleaching and end up causing more harm to your hair.


The moment you opt for dandruff shampoo for colour treated hair, this could seem to be a harmless thing to undertake. But trust me the chemicals present in your hair can cause considerable damage to your hair. This leads to such a situation where the cortex of your hair is exposed. Such a sort of harm can even last for a couple of months as it has been found out that dyes go on to cause maximum damage to your hair.

Over brushing

When you over brush your hair it can end up causing a lot of damage that it can take. This can lead to an occurrence of split ends as cheap brushes are expected to cause a lot of harm and they become more trapped in your hair in an easy manner.

Heat styling

Heat is really bad for your hair, as it is expected to open up the hair cuticles and dries up any form of dampness. The moment you apply concentrated heat to your hair, it is going to leave your hair thirsty and lifeless in terms of moisture. If proper use of your hair dryer is not made this can cause considerable damage to your hair shaft.

Tips to deal with hair damage

From everyday pollution your hair is expected to take a beating. If too much exposure to dirt or dust takes place it can result in crack. This is going to provide you with additional protection once you condition your hair with an oil treatment. This is going to nurture your hair and provide it with a strong hair.

Experts are also of the opinion that you should not be combing your hair when it is wet. Recurring combing of the hair can damage the cuticle of your hair that can lead to a situation of split ends. In order to deal with this problem you need to choose brushes that have wide teeth.