• Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Why should you visit an Orthodontist for a Bite Adjustment?

A bite adjustment is a procedure needed to treat the tiny interferences in teeth which does not allow the jaws to slide over each other properly. These tiny interferences are a result of development of a normal tooth, which comes out following an injury or surgeries involving dental treatments. Some of the signs which indicate that you may need a bite adjustment are :

1. Grinding teeth.

2. Increase in sensitivity of teeth.

3. Pain in jaw area.

4. Uneven closing on both the sides.

5. Headaches.

6. Neck Pain.

7. Chipped and loose tooth.

8. Teeth that are worn down.

9. Temporomandibular Joint disorders.

We would also like to enlist some reasons as stated by expert Darien orthodontists which might contribute towards a bite adjustment process.

  • Natural : Sometimes it’s all natural , like a small mouth can cause overcrowding of teeth and they will fight for space , as a kid too some habits like thrusting the tongue forward may cause the forward tooth to sway linearly away. Extra teeth are also a reason and sometimes not being able to develop all the generic teeth are also a reason you need a bite adjustment.
  • Traumatic : Traumatic injuries experienced by sudden collision and impacts does not allow jaws to shut down properly. A sudden blow to the face , mouth or jaw can cause serious problems and hence needs adjustments. Misaligned and supporting bone structure once damaged can also cause difficulty in eating and speaking and lead to other health conditions such as tooth grinding or TMJ.

Why Seek An Orthodontist ?

1. Determining the Cause

Many times we don’t know or remember what actually caused our teeth to decay or be broken in a way that needs proper treatment. The best treatment can be given if only we know the cause behind the bite adjustment . As many reasons , as many solutions are there to the procedure . Therefore, determining the actual cause behind the bite adjustment process and seeking an orthodontist for it can help you regain your oral hygiene with better check-ups and advice.

2.  Determining the Type of Adjustment

Based on the problem you are facing with your dental health , a dentist might recommend you to either use braces , retainers or other dental instruments which helps teeth in retaining their shape and structure. Braces are used to align teeth in a linear manner so that the jaw can fit correctly in the right positions . Retainers are dental appliances used to hold teeth together at a place so that it doesn’t grow outwardly or extends to a place where it shouldn’t.

3. Hereditary Problems

Some of the problems regarding your dental health persist due to heredity. A dentist acknowledged with all your hereditary problems can help you better look after your teeth or treat the condition well if it has come out as a result of hierarchy. Diseases like gingivitis and periodontics , and tooth reshaping are common problems which can be developed as a cause of heredity and therefore attending a dentist would be a better idea to treat it with utterly important Dental devices.

4. Professionalism

Well to be honest , a dentist hereby is a person who is already specialized in taking care of oral health and is acknowledged about everything therein. Pulling off a teeth on it’s own and being dumb about your dental issues will only impart more pain and drainage of money in the long time . He can use anesthetics to treat you while you are experiencing more pain or can even provide you with devices you are probably unaware of , likewise bite splints or mouth guards which can be used to keep your mouth and bite even with the jaw fitting and brushing each other perfectly. Filling or crowning of teeth can’t be done at home and therefore requires a professional with skill set to perform the necessary surgery .

Bottom Line

Well a bite pattern is certainly a thing that people need to take care of as it depicts the early sign for bite adjustment . It is very important to one’s oral health as once explained by the best orthodontists in Darien while we seldom think of it. We therefore advise you to find the best orthodontist in your area if you need any assistance regarding bite adjustments.