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What Happens If You Forget To Brush Your Teeth With Braces?

One of the most conventional and traditional ways to effectively treat misalignment of teeth is done through braces. They have been a part of dental Surgeries since the early 18th century and an orthodontist always suggests looking after your oral hygiene more when they are applied. One of the most common questions when applying braces is how you will brush your teeth with braces and what if you forgot to brush them.

Well one thing is certain that not brushing your teeth while having braces can have more serious issues than without braces and here’s how it is explained by an experienced professional offering braces services in Alpharetta.

1. Excessive Accumulation of Plaque and Bacteria

Food being consumed usually gets deposited on the surface of teeth and in between the gums and teeth. Braces may help in regimenting them more since they have created a certain barrier from where the food would have easily got off with the help of water for gargling. The end result is build up of plaque , an infection that causes your tooth enamel to erode and it also dethrones the root strength of a tooth. Sugar and starchy substances are consumed by bacteria and upon the release of acids , the thick debris turns into tartar leading to various oral issues.

2. Decaying of Tooth

With more and more tartar being built up , the bacteria now digs furthermore and destroys the tooth’s natural texture. This eventually causes teeth to decay or rot and hence destruction of enamel can be resisted by regularly cleaning the teeth. If cleaning is done properly then teeth and saliva in the mouth also helps in restoring Teeth health.

3. Gum Inflammation

It’s not only the teeth that get affected as a result of forgetting to brush them with braces still on. Poor oral hygiene also leads to the destruction of gums. Excessive deposition of plaque and tartar leads to inflammation of gums and this condition is known as gingivitis. Gum pain and bleeding are among the most common side effects and they can also make a tooth fall out.

4. Loss of Teeth

Decaying of tooth or inflammation of gums may lead to falling of teeth and this condition is termed as periodontitis. It causes inflammation of tissues which hold teeth together and loss of teeth can occur.

5. Stains and Discoloration on Teeth

Braces are either made of metals or ceramics and they will impart stains and can make your teeth turn yellow if you don’t brush your teeth properly. Formation of tartar and infection such as plaque also changes the color of teeth turning them yellow or brown . Tooth decays come with white and grey spots and gradually turn to black.

6. Results in Bad Breath

The fermentation process started by the bacteria upon settlement of food debris inside the mouth causes a foul smelling breath which on not brushing can be at its peak.

How to Avoid the Effects

1. Brush Twice daily: If you don’t want any of the mentioned things above to take part in your oral health then it is recommended to at least brush your teeth twice daily.

2. Use of electric or soft-bristle toothbrush: Usually toothbrushes apply more pressure to the teeth hence an electric or soft one can be used which will apply less pressure to your teeth.

3. Use fluorides toothpaste: Fluoride , a strong mineral which is proven to have benefits on your dental health is an important ingredient in resisting the effects caused by bacteria .

4. Rinsing Your Mouth: When food is consumed it gets deposited in between the gums and teeth and therefore it is advised to properly rinse your mouth every time you consume any food item.

5. Brush Correctly: Incorrect way of brushing also develops complications when braces are applied and therefore it is important to learn the proper way to brush either by a professional or through an expert such as Alpharetta lingual Braces who take a keen look on maintaining oral hygiene once the braces are applied .

Bottom Line:

It’s mandatory to follow all the rules and regulations related to applying braces in Roswell on your teeth otherwise you will Always be at risk of developing more serious oral related issues .