• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Want to Step Up Your Mugs Printing? You Need to Read This First

Mug printing is done with the help of the finest and latest technologies. These include offset, digital and screen printing usually. They work best on mugs and give them a classy look. Texts, pictures, and graphics are common choices that are considered while printing them. With the help of quality procedures, now cartoon images are also printed on them. The coloring schemes which work on mugs are CMYK and PMS. They last longer and do not have any effect on the properties of the mugs. The designs on them can be customized. Similarly, the size of the mug can also be changed depending on the needs. The print that they get is also modified as per preference. These mugs are packed in safe and durable packaging that vows to keep them safe from physical damage. The overall price of these printed mugs is considerably less as compared to simpler options that are common to use. 

Mug printing with attractive and bright hues and designs is favorite in the market. People get them to give as a gift to their loved ones or for their personal use. So, if you want to work for this purpose, it is essential that you know the basics of printing on the mug. From the procedure you select to the colors you add to them, everything is a big concern while designing them. 

1.      Get a Perfect Mug Size 

The size that you choose for your mugs is important. It helps you to determine whether the print will work on it or not. Likewise, you will also get an idea about the coverage your prints will get. Not considering it at first can be a reason for huge chaos. So, it is important to save yourself from this by adjusting the dimension of the mugs beforehand. 

2.      Choose Quality Material 

The material of the mugs should be of the best quality. Mug Printing will do great on them as it stays and does not fade away. Apart from that, it is important for your brand to maintain the quality of the mugs that you are using. Only then they will be able to work perfectly for your customers. They should be heat resistant and must not be damaged from anywhere for the best results. 

3.      Plan a Layout First

The design that you want to add to the mugs must be selected before. Take sufficient time in deciding this so that you can do the whole process without any inconvenience. The entire planning phase will give you an idea about more designs and looks that you want to add. You can even opt for custom printing for a valuable effect on your mugs. 

4.      Finalize the Coloring Schemes 

The coloring schemes of the prints are another essential thing to look out for. If the colors of the mugs do not match with the colors of the printed designs, then the whole look will be compromised. To save yourself from this situation, make sure that you check everything before even carrying out the original procedures. You can take help from the colors schemes options such as CMYK and PMS. 

5.      Match Design with Mugs 

The custom printed mugs look great when they go well with the layout of the mugs. Nowadays, many mugs styles are available in the market. So, you need to check whether a specific design works well or not. If the size of your mug is not big enough, then you can select patterns or even scattered designs. Similarly, if it is large in height, then you can match the design accordingly. 

6.      Use Quality Procedures 

Another important thing that should always be your preference is the procedures that you use while designing mugs. Their prints should be of great quality and for this, you need to select quality procedures. The offset and digital printing work best on them and so it is necessary for you to choose them. The quality of the procedures will reflect on your mugs and will give them a perfect look. 

Mug printing process is fun and easy. You need to be careful during the process as one wrong step can greatly affect your entire mug look. To get hands on the best design, make sure that you have planned the entire layout before. Doing this will save your time and will also allow you to be more productive with the designs.