• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Vertical Gardening And The Impact It Is Bound To Generate

The current environment is one full of cramped spaces, pollution all around with less space to breathe. In the current scenario the objective of having a garden looks far-fetched. But this is not going to be the case since everyone could dream of their own space and harvesting their own food. They are likely to be benefit from superior nutrition and self- sufficiency. It is a classic case of owning your home right now. It was a few years back that the concept of an artificial vertical garden arose and it was an instant hit among the masses. Though all the credit for developing this concept goes to a French Botanist Blanc who went on to develop green walls in numerous places. It was in particular reference to Europe.

More about a vertical garden

It works out to be a highly productive and an innovative gardening system. The approach is top down or bottom centric that extends support to a wide array of plants in large or small garden spaces. Plants follow an upward directed way. it is known to make use of the optimal space available. An artificial vertical garden services or be it a green wall would be attached to the interior or an exterior of a building. It is bound to differ from a green facade where the plants form a type of a structural support which would be fastened on to the wall itself. They are known to receive nutrients and water from a vertical support system and not the ground.

There are numerous benefits of a vertical garden Not only it provides economic, aesthetic, environment and psychological benefits. When you have a vertical garden it enables you to maximize and utilize the available space more so in the congested urban areas

  • Food security- it is an excellent option of growing food in areas where their supply is limited. The various forms of vertical garden technologies would provide a simple and sustainable method of growing fruits, vegetables and herbs. Hence it is going to enhance food security for populations or an urban community where the population space is limited.
  • Thermal insulation- green buildings is known to provide insulation to buildings. So less demand for power or heat to cool them. When you have a vertical garden it is known to keep a building cool in summer and warm in winter. This enables you to sae electricity in the long run.
  • Air quality improves- vertical garden is known to improve the indoor and outdoor air quality by absorbing pollutants and harmful VOCs. The concept of growing plants in a vertical manner does pose a major difference to the quality of air which you reside.

To conclude vertical gardens are the preferred options to the fancy developers all over the world. Numerous projects have sprung up in various countries of the world like Mexico and Italy. Of late a vertical garden has gone on to emerge in the city of Bangalore India.