• Sun. May 19th, 2024

A Procrastinator’s Ultimate Guide to Easy Moving

So, you landed that dream job in Darling Harbour but have to pack up and move from Tamarama? Without a doubt, moving days can be stressful. But enough prep and solid organising chops can make it so much smoother. With the help of skilled removalists in Sydney, all your moving woes can be resolved.

The primary reason for all the chaos associated with moving houses and offices is leaving everything to the last minute. Procrastination is going to be your greatest enemy from the moment you decide to move till you get settled in your new place. Maybe you can take away some of the overwhelming feelings about the move by making a crisp list to follow.

Another reason why moving seems like a daunting task is because most people forget to label their stuff before sticking it in the moving trucks. At the end of the move, you are left to sort out the china and textbooks from the same box while looking for bathroom essentials.

However, this madness ends now. Read on to find the most precise moving guide you will ever find anywhere.

The Ultimate Moving Guide for a Procrastinator

  • First things first, clearing the clutter. This is often the biggest part of a move so it is recommended to get it out of the way first. Start by sorting through the things you don’t use often. The Christmas decorations, baking supplies, books, and all the seasonal objects get packed first. Follow this up with all curtains, rugs, and sheets; remember to clean them before packing. Only pack the stuff you use daily as close to the moving day as possible.

Reminder: When you fetch boxes to pack your stuff into, do not leave them there thinking you will get to them. As soon as you fetch the boxes, start putting your sorted things into them.

  • As you slowly complete clearing the clutter, classify the stuff into piles for donation, sale, and storage. Maybe you can pass on a few loved possessions to your relatives as keepsakes
  • The next step is to sort your movers and work for the moving day. Notice your boss about your move beforehand. Plan your leave of absence such that you get a longer period like the weekend to settle in. Contact the most trusted and budget-friendly removalists in Sydney. You can always ask for recommendations from your family and friends. Also, if you are making the move from the streets of Surrey Hills or Redfern, make the necessary arrangements for parking and elevators.
  • Take care of the administerial aspects of moving. Change your postal address, clarify the insurance details with your movers, and make any repairs to the place you are vacating if needed. Be sure to keep a record of all the receipts, documents, and bills regarding the move into cloud storage.
  • As the moving day approaches, make sure you are actively packing things in for the final time. Label and tape the boxes, and maybe even take a picture of the contents of the box. Here’s a tip for easy packing, classify your things according to the rooms they will go in and then by how often you use them.
  • Make sure that you slowly complete all the food in your pantry by the time you move and donate the rest if you can. Pack a separate bag of essentials until you properly get settled in the new place. This can save the hassle of digging through boxes looking for your toothbrush.
  • Before you move, make sure you have labelled the boxes, especially the ones with fragile items.

After a successful packing period, take yourself out to Darlinghurst for a little fun to celebrate your efficiency. Happy moving.