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The prime focus of any business is to maximize its profit. In business, you need to track everything that can lower your costs. If your costs are higher than your final earnings, you are running the business at a loss. If you want to earn a profit, you need to lower your average cost. If you do so, you will be able to make the desired profits. There are several strategies that can help you in achieving your target. In business, cash flow also plays an important role. If you have a huge cash flow, you will be able to buy raw materials at low prices. It will also help you in lowering your production cost. Apart from this, you can outsource. It will also help you maximize your profit. Apart from this, you can adopt a pricing policy as well. It will help you effectively target your selected audience. This article will provide a brief overview of both production cost and profit. Let’s discuss these in detail;

Production Cost And Its Types:

It is the type of cost that involves direct and indirect costs. It is the cost a business can face while producing a product or service. It includes the cost of labour, raw material, manufacturing supplies, and overhead. Furthermore, it also includes taxes imposed by the government. You can draw your production cost after adding up the above mentioned costs. In addition, there are serval types of production costs as well that are as follows;

Fixed Cost:

It is the type of cost that does not change with the quantity produced. If a company is not producing even a unit, it has to pay this cost. If a company’s production increases after a month, then it does not have to pay extra. It has to pay the fixed cost only.

Variable Cost:

It is the type of cost that keeps on changing with every produced unit. If you are not producing anything, then you do not have to pay this cost.

Total Cost:

It is the sum of fixed, and variable cost.

Average Cost:

It is the type of cost in which total cost is divided by the number of units produced.

Marginal Cost:

It is the type of cost which incurs after producing one extra unit of output.

How Is Production Cost Calculated?

If you want to calculate your production cost, you have to add all the costs that were incurred while producing a product. Typically, it will add labour, material, supplies, and overhead cost. Apart from this, it will add taxes too. It is important for you to align your production cost with revenue generation. Manufacturing business includes the cost of raw materials and the cost of labour. The service industry includes labour developing service, and delivery cost. The production cost formula helps in the management of accounts. Apart from this, it helps differentiate between the direct and indirect costs. The production cost formula is as follows;

Production Cost­= Labour Cost+ Material Cost+Overhead Cost of Producing a Good

What Is Profit?

It is a type of financial benefit when the amount of revenue exceeds the cost of production. It is the prime focus of any business to earn profit. It plays an important role while making room for incentives of the business. If a company is making profit, it will encourage its management to explore new opportunities to maximize them. It will also enable them to cut their production costs and introduce new products. This way, it will be able to maximize the profit.

Types of Profits:

According to a dissertation writing firm, there are three major types of profits. These include gross profit, operating profit, and net profit. Let’s discuss each of these types in detail;

Gross Profit:

In this type of profit, you need to subtract the total costs of goods from total revenue. This type of profit does not include fixed costs. Most of the time, companies compare product lines to see which is most profitable one.

Operating Profit:

It is the type of profit that includes both fixed, and variable costs. But it is important to remember that it does not include certain financial costs.

Net Profit:

It is the type of profit that includes all types of costs. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to find how much profit a business is making (Nariswari and Nugraha, 2020). But at the same time, this type of profit can be misleading. Therefore, a company uses all three types to calculate profit with the help of profit margins.

How is Profit Calculated?

The simplest way to calculate profit is to subtract the total cost from total revenues. The formula of profit is as follows;

Profit = Total Revenue-Total Cost

It is important to note that the formula, as mentioned above, is for a single quantity of goods. If you deal with a number of goods and services, you should add direct and indirect costs too. According to accounting rules, sales and expenses are also crucial parts of profit. You also have to add some additional costs like labour and material.

How Do Production Cost and Profit Affect Your Business?

If you are earning low profits, impacts your business to a great extent. In modern-day business, production is getting costly. You will acquire production materials and labour at much higher rates. Apart from this, you have to face taxes and overhead expenses as well. Your production costs will increase when you add up all these things. If you want to earn high profits, you have to lower your cost of production. If you fail to do so, you will experience low rates of profit.


The prime focus of any business is to earn profit (Needle and Burns, 2010). You need to lower your production costs if you want to earn high profits. The cost of production always adds material and labour costs. Apart from this, you need to add up direct, indirect, as well as overhead expenses. There are several types of costs and profits. This article discusses all those types and how you can calculate them. Moreover, a short impact of the cost of production and profit is also discussed within it.