• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

The Verified and Scanned List of the Top 5 Solar Companies in Gurgaon

Are you a Gurgaon resident looking to save money on your electricity bills? Switching to a solar lighting system is one of the most effective ways to do so.

As solar lights online have become more prevalent in Gurgaon, identifying the right solar company in Gurgaon becomes increasingly important in ensuring that the entire installation goes successfully.

Check out the list of solar EPC companies in Gurgaon that are helping to make the future brighter and greener.

We will look at the top solar energy companies in Gurgaon that serve both business owners and homeowners in this list.

#1 Synergy Wave System

Synergy Wave System is a solar energy market leader that focuses on offering consumers both components and entire end-to-end solutions. Their different distribution channels strive to provide the greatest service every time. Their sourcing partners use the most advanced technology, raw materials and processes to bring exceptional solar products to everyone.

Because the company’s founders have decades of experience in this industry, they can offer the best skills and insights in the field of clean energy solutions. The Synergy Wave System was created with the goal of bringing affordable solar energy to India, as well as durable products and excellent customer service. Synergy Wave System has created its own brand, Sarrvad, to build solar products of exceptional quality and become one of the most desirable names in the market, in addition to working closely with another industry giant, Waaree Energies Ltd.


KENBROOK SOLAR, situated in Gurgaon, is one of India’s oldest rooftop solar installation companies established in 2010. They specialise in designing, producing, supplying and installing rooftop solar power plants ranging from 100W to 100kW for homes, businesses, schools, colleges, institutes and industries. They give solar system subsidies as an MNRE channel partner who has been certified by the Indian government. Their organisation has delivered overall quality in its installations through technical leadership for all rooftop projects ranging from 1 KW to multiple 100 KWs.

#3 Enfrosun Power

Enfrosun Power designs, engineers, procures, builds and runs solar power plants and projects to assist clients in the institutional, industrial, commercial and non-profit sectors in making better use of solar energy.

They make certain that their solutions meet the high standards that clients expect. Their solutions are fast and efficient to encourage adoption and are long-lasting, as shown by the solar plants we built.

#4 Avion Power

Avion Power Tech is an Indian solar company based in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) that specialises in the design, development, manufacturing, supply and installation of solar panels ranging from 3 watts to 300 watts, solar power plants ranging from 1 kW to 1 MW, solar water heaters ranging from 100 litres to 5000 litres and all types of solar systems. They have more than 5 years of expertise in developing and implementing solar energy products and solutions. They have installed solar water heating systems and solar power plants in cities all throughout India, including Gurgaon, Faridabad, Rewari, Bhiwadi, Sonipat Panipat and others.

Avion is the solar industry’s fastest-growing company. They have a team of professionals who are dedicated, qualified and experienced. APT’s entire workforce is delighted about the excellent customer service. They believe in technological innovation. Other solar goods designed and developed by Avion Power Tech include solar home lights, solar street lights, solar lanterns, solar inverters, solar cookers and so on.

#5 Sungrid Solar

The company was founded by entrepreneurs with a solid track record of nurturing initiatives to success and creating wealth for all stakeholders as an integrator of the finest possible Solutions with the highest efficiency, world-class product and performance warranty. As a Project Developer, the team has also established Solar Farms, where it is creating MW-scale independent solar plants for its clients and investors.

As a system integrator, the company’s current focus is on employing the best solar products and technology from across the world to provide end-to-end tailored Solar Power Solutions for various industrial verticals.

Final Thoughts

Since you have become informed of the list of solar EPC companies, you can make your decision properly. Go through every company’s detail and make the right decision before making the purchase.