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Some Facts about Natural Carpets and Its Durability – Floorspace


Oct 18, 2021

Hello friends, today in this guide we will see some important key points concerning natural carpets. The floor coverings that are made from natural material is known as natural carpet. Some of the natural carpets are dyed and most of them are not processed and are not dyed. Most of the natural carpets are made from raw products and such comprises sisal, jute, seagrass, coir, and wool. The most common types of natural carpets that you will come across are those that are made of wool and it is used in the wall-to-wall carpet. Area rugs are also made using natural fibers which comprise coir, sisal, cotton, seagrass, jute, etc. 

Friendly Natural Carpets and VOCs – 

There are varieties of natural carpets that you can get. Some of the Natural Carpets are very eco-friendly. Natural carpets are natural, they are renewable fiber, and they are very environment friendly and there are many different varieties of natural carpets that you will get like such as sisal, seagrass, coir, organic cotton, jute, organic wool, and bamboo. If you compare the natural carpets with the other synthetic carpets, you will know that the natural carpets are the best ones, because natural carpets are made from sustainable material. One of the things that you will notice about the synthetic carpets is that it emits gases from the material i.e. known as VOC (volatile organic compounds). 

Always Buy Pure Natural Carpets – 

But the best part about the Natural Carpets is that it doesn’t release any kind of VOCs. Apart from that, if you buy any kind of natural carpet that is attached to a synthetic backing then it is possible for the carpets to release VOCs. One of the things that you will notice about natural carpets is that the carpets are stain-resistant. The different types of natural carpets like jute, sisal, seagrass, etc. are the type of carpets that are stain-resistant. Even if something is spilled on it, it is very easy to wipe out with a damp cloth. Some of the natural carpets like sisal carpets is very useful as it is good for the people who are suffering from asthma and those who have allergens. 

Cleaning Natural Carpets – 

Apart from that, you can always vacuum the Natural Carpets. This will help in removing hard dust and dirt in the carpets. Whereas wool carpets are concerned and if anything gets spilled on it, then it is also easy to remove with the help of damp cloth first remove the spill, then use vinegar and a toothbrush to clean the stain. You can also use alcohol and detergent for the same. Plus, if you want, you can choose the option of steam cleaning it. But that’s again a tedious process, so you can use a toothbrush and moist cloth with soap and clean it in a circular motion. 

The durability of Natural Carpets – 

Floorspace Natural carpets compared to other carpets are long-lasting. You should never use a synthetic carpet. There are chances of you slipping and falling if it’s not padded properly. So, natural carpets compared to synthetic carpets are much better. Apart from that, the durability of natural carpets depends mainly on their placement. If you place the carpets in a wet place like near the kitchen or outside the loo, then it’s more likely to get damaged i.e. its durability.