• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

PSD to WordPress Conversion – Get Your WordPress Site Up & Running Easily

What is a PSD to WordPress Conversion?

PSD to wordpress conversion is a process of converting PSD files to WordPress themes.

The process starts with extracting the original website’s content and code from the PSD file. The next step is to make changes to the design in order to fit into WordPress’ standards. Then, you upload it onto your WordPress site and update content.

As a designer, you likely use Photoshop to layout designs. But when it’s time for your website to actually go live, you need to export an HTML file from Photoshop and upload it to your hosting provider. This is where things tend to get sticky because designers need someone with coding skills in order to customize the layout before launching the site. And that person needs access to your original Photoshop files. It’s not impossible, but there are certainly some major roadblocks that stand in the way of success if you’re looking for someone who can make these changes without access or knowledge of your original PSD files.

Converting a PSD to wordpress is not always straightforward. I have created the following guide to outline the steps required for this conversion. Let’s have a look!

Step 1: Install WordPress

Step 2: Upload your PSD file(s)

Step 3: Extract your PSD files’ layers

Step 4: Slice PSD or Convert your PSD file into a .PNG image sequence that can be imported into WordPress, called an “animated GIF”.

Step 5: Theme Bootstrapping

Step 6: Create Style.css and Index.html files

Step 7: Structure creation in Index.html files

Step 8: Adding WordPress tags to template

If you don’t wish to go for the manual process of PSD to WordPress conversion, there are different types of PSD to WordPress conversion tools available.

What are the Different Types of PSD Conversion Tools?

The different types of PSD conversion tools are tools that convert a PSD file into a format that is more suitable for development. This usually includes conversion from the native Photoshop PSD format to formats such as PNG, SVG, and PDF.

A few companies offer two-way communication between Photoshop and their own software which offers a way to go back and forth with changes made in one program being reflected in the other. Other companies have extensions for browsers that allow users to export a design from their browser as a PNG or SVG. There is also a subscription service called InVision which allows designers to upload their projects from their Photoshop or Sketch files directly into InVision so they can work with those files on any device.

Apart from this, there are multiple Plugins available that can help you achieve a website out of your PSD to WordPress conversion. To name a few, PSD to Web, Export Kit, CodeCanyon, are some of the most popular PSD to WordPress conversion plugins that can perform the task in a few minutes.

How Do I Choose Which One Suits My Needs?

The answer to this question is very subjective. As a beginner, you may want something simple and free. However, as you progress in your skills and experience, you may want something with more features or a premium version. It all depends on what your needs are and what you’re willing to spend.

PSD to WordPress conversion is an easy method to achieve a website of your own choice and features. There are multiple ways to achieve it. You can do it by yourself or you can choose any tool or plugin available in the market or you can hire experts who can do this job for you.