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How to do Business Setup in Dubai South Free Zone?

Business setup in the Dubai south free zone is a profitable venture, thanks to the supportive business laws and advanced infrastructure. It’s among the most ambitious projects of the UAE’s government to solidify the country as the global hub for business incorporation.

The key business venues within the Dubai south free zone (formerly called Dubai World Center) include the Business Park, Commercial District, Aviation District, Humanitarian, and Exhibition District among several others. Business incorporation in the Dubai south free zone is easier than ever when you work with the experienced company setup experts at Shuraa.

What are the Steps to Launch a Company in Dubai South Free Zone?

The lucrative business opportunities in the south free zone make it the ideal location for company formation in the UAE. Here are all the steps involved in the incorporation process:

1. Finalize your Business Activities

First, you need to list down all the business activities you wish to carry out in the Dubai south free zone. All you need to do is get in touch with the free zone’s economic department and choose your desired business activities from the approved activities list.

The business experts at Shuraa help you shortlist the business activities and take care of all the legalities, so you don’t have to worry about any of the business incorporation procedures. Applying for the right business activities ensures risk-free business functioning in the UAE.

2. Reserve a Trading Name

Next, you need to reserve a legal business name for your venture for a successful business setup in the Dubai south free zone. The name you choose should be indicative of your business activities and not a gimmick of any other established enterprise.

Business owners should refrain from using any derogatory terms or words that insult anyone’s sentimental or religious beliefs. Furthermore, always use a person’s full name if you wish to keep it as your official trading name in the Dubai south free zone.

3. Secure Office Space

Office space procurement in the Dubai south free zone is hassle-free and quite flexible. You can secure advanced digital office space, large warehouses, etc., as per your requirement. It’s better to rent office space rather than investing in real estate property as it’s highly cost-effective.

Investors can easily relocate when they have rented office space and don’t need to worry about hefty initial investments. Moreover, lease agreement norms in the south free zone are lenient, and the process doesn’t consume much time.

4. Apply for a Business License

You can apply for the desired business license once you’re done with all the above steps. The Dubai south free zone license is a legal permit that empowers you to carry out all the approved business activities.

You also need to renew your trading license from time to time to avoid any compliance issues. Business owners who don’t have a valid trading license are subject to repercussions as maintained by the government.

5. Manage Visas and Open a Bank Account

You can apply for a visa once you have all the required documents and approvals. The best part is that you can secure visas for yourself, your family members, and your domestic workers too. All you need to do is follow the defined process and wait for the visa permits.

It’s vital to have a corporate bank account in the Dubai south free zone to manage all your monetary transactions. The legal advisors at Shuraa analyze your transaction frequency, business model, and much more before shortlisting the best banks for your venture.

Types of Business Licenses Available in the Dubai South Free Zone

1. Commercial License

A commercial business license allows you to carry out the approved commercial activities in the south free zone. These include all the general trading activities, logistics services, and several others.

2. Service License

A service license is your legal permit to offer various services in the business zone mentioned in your license. The services can be related to the field of art, design, technical services, etc.

3. Industrial License

You can carry out light manufacturing operations like packaging, repackaging, blending, purifying, etc., by leveraging noiseless machines. You must get all the industrial activities covered under your license before you can get started with the daily operations.

Benefits of Starting a Company in Dubai South Free Zone

1. You get hassle-free access to various modes of transportation, and the Al Maktoum Airport is also in close vicinity. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your export-import trading activities when you launch your company in the Dubai south free zone.

2. You don’t need to pay any corporate or personal taxes in the south free zone. Moreover, Shuraa’s financial advisors help you avoid double taxation and guide you to repatriate 100% of your profits and capital gains.

3. Business setup in the Dubai south free zone empowers you to enjoy complete business ownership. You can simply collaborate with a reliable company setup agent who’ll help you with documentation and other legalities without having any equity in your company.

What Paperwork goes into Opening a Company in the South Free Zone?

Here’s a list of documents you must submit to the concerned jurisdiction to obtain the Dubai south free zone license and other approvals:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of UAE entry stamp
  • Your contact details, i.e., phone number and email address
  • Residence and correspondence address
  • Payment receipt of trade name reservation
  • A compelling business plan document
  • Additional supporting documents like the birth certificate, bank statements, etc.

Launch your Company in the Dubai South Free Zone Today!

The strategic business location of the Dubai south free zone and the crime-free business environment make it a no-brainer for any investor to set up their company in this region. All you need to do now is connect with the business consultants at Shuraa Business Setup and discuss your business aspirations. We understand your needs and formulate the ideal company incorporation process at nominal prices. Get in touch with us today!

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