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How Much An ECommerce Website Can Cost You?


Oct 6, 2021

Many businesses own an eCommerce website, which has caused a drastic change in the rates of developing an eCommerce website. Online shopping is one of the most popular reasons why people use the internet.

This is why having an eCommerce website is a great way of making money online. But to set one up and get it running, you will need to invest not with money but your time as well. The price of eCommerce website design services might vary based on which category you decide to go with.

Now on to the main question: How much does an ECommerce website cost?

Well, the standard pricing of an eCommerce website having products from 100 to 1000 cost $5000 to $55,000 including the development, design, and any other upfront costs. Differentiating the standard cost of the maintenance of an eCommerce site having 100 to 1000 products is $15,000 to 30,000 annually.

Just to let you know, no two websites can be the same. There is a vast variety of eCommerce in the market, therefore the average cost while creating an eCommerce website depends on your niche, and preferences.

ECommerce Platforms

The chief factor that is affecting the price are the different platforms that are being used. The price of these eCommerce websites depends on the complexity and simplicity of the platform and also how much do you pay for licensing.

There are specified solutions for different niches. This includes integrated solutions built on SaaS and ERP systems or software. These platforms are designed to make it easy for businesses owners to set up and configure their websites.

Custom ECommerce Programming and Functionality

An excellent platform will provide module or extension support. This functionality is developed on another server but can be added to your website. This is a beneficial thing because it does cost much less as compared to doing it on your own.

Apart from the known extension, custom developments can get pretty expensive. A staunch firm will ensure to create a code that is tested, secured, and trustworthy. Even though this option costs more, you will be getting sustainable results.

Do upgrade your core system frequently as the extensions are capable of breaking. Therefore, going for a cheaper code will end up costing you more.

Web Hosting

Hosting is a very predictable component as compared to the others. A web designing firm usually has hosting included in its package. Don’t forget to go through the limitations such as products, storage, orders, and customers.

These factors can start as being cheap, but their cost grows along with the increase of your sales and needs.

Ecommerce Website Design

Different platforms, such as Web Design Jack and well-recognized platforms provide SaaS services, containing templates, design galleries, and themes that can be applied by you as well. Meanwhile, these options might not be unique and different but they are certainly affordable and quick.

There are free design options that are available for you to customize your ECommerce site, and it takes a decent amount to purchase different themes, allowing you to make minor customizations.

Nevertheless, it can get a lot expensive if you go for a custom-made design from scratch. It can get even expensive depending on your specifications, details, and requirements.

Cost of an ECommerce Website

Now that we have discussed all the considerable variables. It might have been clear that there aren’t any fixed charges. Moreover, the below mentioned will give a general estimate of how much it can take to develop an eCommerce website.

ECommerce Cost FactorAverage Price
Website builder$0 – $300
Web design agency$3000 – $100,00
ECommerce functionality$2000 – $25,000
Responsive design$3000 – $25,000
Freelance web designer$500 – $5000
Database integration$2000 – $25,000
Content management system (CMS)$2000 – $25,000
Interactive multimedia$250 – $10,000 
Domain name$0.95 – $12/ month
Hosting$75 – $10,000/ year
Website copy$ 50 – $500 / page
Website maintenance$15,000 – $30,000 / year

Final Thoughts!

There are possible chances that you can launch your eCommerce website in less than $10K, the pricing of the development of your website depends on the features you are looking for in your business to succeed.

Starting the website for your business provides you with great potential to improvise your reach and on increasing your sales. Make the calculations today and come up with a decision if spending this much amount is worth it or not.