• Sun. May 19th, 2024

How Can Shisha Be Beneficial For You?

Tobacco usage has been around for many centuries. One of the oldest ways to use tobacco is with a hookah. Hookahs have been used in many cultures on many continents, but now their popularity is increasingly growing among young people. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ in 2020-21, 10.7% or 2.1 million of the population aged 18 years and above smoke shisha in Australia daily. In a study, it was found that one in 25 Australia smoked a water pipe in 2019. Thanks to the shisha delivery services, bars are opening up more than ever across the country. Over that, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in Australia that offer shisha to their guests.

Shisha tobacco is generally a combination of tobacco prepared in molasses and flavoured with fruit flavours like lime, apple, pineapple, etc. If you are considering quitting smoking, shisha can be a great alternative for you as they are less harmful than regular cigarettes. This is because shisha contains fewer chemicals and harmful toxins than a regular cigarette.

You might be wondering how shisha is less harmful; after all, it also contains tobacco. Well, shisha is unique as it is not an only-tobacco product; it also offers you different fruity flavours and natural ingredients, such as water-based liquids, fruits, mint leaves, and other aromatic substances. If you are still not convinced, continue reading! This article discusses some interesting facts about shisha.

Benefits of shisha hookah

It helps you to relax.

Shisha can be an excellent choice for relaxation or simply for lounging with your friends. Though shisha is nicotine-free, it helps you feel relaxed and put your mind at ease. It won’t get you high; however, you may feel lightheaded, dizzy, relaxed, or wobbly. It is advisable to take shisha after your meal or when having a conversation with someone; otherwise, it can make you feel sick to your stomach.

It is an excellent alternative to cigarettes.

Shisha has been popular for decades now. Along with the introduction of e-cigarettes, shisha hookahs became a trend for smokers worldwide, also because they are less toxic and considered much healthier than traditional cigarettes. Shisha is made from the finest ingredients and offers premium nicotine-free flavours full of taste and clouds. Being nicotine-free means they are entirely free from the tar and additive chemicals usually found in other hookah products. However, you must be careful because addiction to anything can be dangerous for your health.

It offers a cleaner scent.

Most shisha in the market comprises a significant proportion of fruit juices and fruity essence. The shisha scent is more alluring than traditional cigarette smoke. It contains fewer toxins; it has a pleasant, sweet smell that feels less aggressive than regular cigarettes. This is the reason why shisha gained immense popularity in a short span.

To sum up

After going through the benefits of shisha smoking, if you are excited to buy shisha in Australia now, remember one thing; you cannot truly enjoy the pleasure of shisha until you don’t know how to utilise the accessories properly. One of the essential elements of the shisha smoking experience is the charcoal you use.

In the market, you will find two types of charcoal- quick light charcoals and natural charcoals. Though both types of charcoal do the same job, the question arises of which one is best for you. If you are a beginner, go for quick light charcoal. In contrast, natural charcoals are for veterans who love to enjoy longer sessions. So if you want to enjoy shisha to the fullest, make sure you choose according to your mastery.