Five rules to combat acne using makeup

Ever heard someone say to you: “Stop putting so much foundation on your skin that it can’t breathe!”
Did you ever think, as you woke up in the morning, “Good morning, new pimple!” 

Acne is the most severe of all skin diseases. It affects self-esteem and social relationships.
If you see a new “pimple” in the mirror, the temptation is to cover it up, hide it, or worse, squeeze and scratch it away. It’s a shameful sight and it is a source of anger.

These negative feelings can be solved by one thing: Makeup! Camouflage, or in a more medical-friendly way, camouflage.

Attention! Scars are often visible after the acute phase of the disease is over. This post is about active breakouts, red pimples (“papules”), blackheads (open comedowns), and pustules. It also discusses skin that has been dried with dermatological treatments such as antibiotics and retinoids.

The scientific research shows that covering imperfections in makeup not only relieves and improves mood but also reduces inflammation, decreases the appearance and severity of blemishes, and improves adherence with therapy medicine. It is a true skin-care miracle!

Many people still believe that makeup can cause acne. They also claim that it causes skin inflammation and clogs pores, prevents skin from “breathing” and even incites tumor formation.
Scientific studies prove otherwise, provided the correct products are used.

These are the 5 rules for combating late-adult acne with makeup


After washing your face and neck, or any other areas affected by acne, use your hands to gently massage the cleanser (clean !!!!).). To give your skin a gentle scrub, use a microfiber cloth or a makeup remover sponge to remove the cleanser. There are many brands of brushes available, both electric and non-electric. These are specially made for facial cleansing. Rinse with warm water, then dry then brush gently.


Acne Skin is more sensitive than normal and can be prone to irritation.
Avoid using excessively “degreasing” cleansers, as they can dry out your skin too much, especially if you use them in conjunction with drugs like retinoids.
It is better to use mild cleansing milk or gel oil for the evening and gel/micellar water for the morning. After applying products, it is important to thoroughly rinse them.


After washing your face with water, dab your skin and if it appears red, spray soothing thermal water to allow the skin to dry naturally. Apply the tonic that your doctor has prescribed, which contains skin-purifying and exfoliating properties.


Acne skin should not be treated as normal oily skin. Instead, moisturizing, soothing, and softening products are needed that don’t overhydrate the skin. Best Toner for Cystic Acne? How do you choose a good skin cosmetic cream for acne?
If you’re lucky, the decision has been made for you by your dermatologist.
Trusting is good but not trusting is better.


It is best to modify the foundation formula depending on your skin type and age.
(It is best to consult a make-up artist for the color choice. I am not a dermatologist and have never made this mistake.

A mousse with a light texture is ideal for mild acne and skin that has seborrheic conditions.
A compact mineral foundation is recommended for moderate to severe acne. It can also be used as a touch-up during the day. You can use it dry to create a satin effect but not too covering. Or you can wet it with sterile water to achieve a more covering effect.
A fluid with a high pigment content is best for severe acne. Apply it using a sponge and dabbing.

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