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How Many Chiropractic Visits after a Car Accident?


Dec 27, 2021

Car accidents are not only damage to vehicles but also passengers. You often feel that you didn’t get injured in a minor car accident or an airbag or ABS(Anti-lock Braking System) saves you from severe injury, but a sudden clash of force impacts a lot of your joints. 

If soreness or pain in the joint after an accident is left untreated, it may stay for an extended time & can lead to disjoint alignment and other serious issues. Visiting chiropractic is an excellent way to heal and get recovered quickly. The frequency of visits depends upon the level of injury; however, most damages get recovered after 3-4 visits.

Types of Injuries After a Car-Accident

  1. Whiplash
  2. Back Injuries
  3. Shoulder Injuries
  4. Bruises
  5. Head Injuries
  6. Identifying Hidden Injuries

1. Whiplash

The most common and severe injury people usually get after a car accident is whiplash. A sudden toss of your head could have caused damage to different parts of your neck.

Chiropractic care is essential for whiplash patients to avoid long-term damage and chronic pain. However, severe whiplash injury requires a series of chiropractic visits. 

2. Back Injuries

Car accidents often result in back injuries because the human body is not designed to withstand heavy impact. Back injuries might not appear for some time following an accident. Injuries to the back can result in severe pain and long-term disability. So, it requires instant mediation & examination after the accident. However, chiropractic visits will identify pain symptoms and recover them with 2-3 visits.

3. Shoulder Injuries

A motor vehicle crash can result in shoulder injuries if the hands are braced against the steering wheel or dashboard. An impact from the collision locks the shoulder in place and causes it to receive excessive force.

4. Bruises

A car accident can cause bruises, even if it is minor. If a collision hits you, your seat belt can leave you with a bruise while protecting you from serious injury. Bruise for a couple of days afterward. Bruises are rarely severe injuries requiring medical attention and will generally heal within a week or two.

5. Head Injuries

A severe collision of the passenger with the driver cause head injuries, which can further lead to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) or POST-TBI. These injuries are usually caused by the collision of the driver or front seated passenger with the dashboard or steering wheel (usually with those who do not wear seat belts). 

A TBI is a life-threatening injury; it can change your brain function & Handel’s information causing permanent memory loss. However, A chiropractor can strengthen your brain and muscles through rehabilitation & active release techniques.  

 While you can recover from a brain injury to some degree, depending on the type and severity of the damage, treating it may be a lifelong process.

6. Identifying Hidden Injuries

Chiropractors focus on hidden injuries after an accident, resulting in long-term pain & suffering. They initially perform a full-body evaluation to identify torn muscles & ligaments. Usually, these types of damage go unidentified by doctors and X-rays

Instant Pain Relief

A chiropractor is most often consulted following an accident to alleviate pain immediately. You may experience great pain if your neck, back, or spine has been damaged in a car accident. An effective chiropractic treatment will address the underlying cause of the pain.

Zero Side Effects Treatment

Chiropractors focus on body structure, alignment, and ligament to heal and adjust torn muscles. This treatment doesn’t need any drugs or invasive medicine, making it free from side effects. Chiropractors find the root cause of pain then treats that particular part. Chiropractor treatment includes Physical Adjustment, massage therapy, physiotherapy & Electric muscles stimulation (EMS)


Who pays for a chiropractor after an accident?

After an accident, chiropractic care is usually covered by the patient or their insurance company. A driver will need to prove that chiropractic care was a necessary medical treatment for insurance companies to conceal his chiropractic expenses.

What kind of therapy do you need after a car accident?

After a car accident, a patient may need physical therapy or chiropractic adjustment therapy depending upon the situation and injury type. 

Should I see a doctor or chiropractor after a car accident?

Firstly you should visit a primary care doctor and specialist for instant care & relief. Doctors usually treat apparent injuries with drugs and medicines. Following a prescription from your doctor, you can visit a chiropractor within two days after the accident. He will examine hidden injuries and realign your body structure to gain strength and relief. 

Do chiropractors take your settlement?

Yes, if your health insurance plan and settlement cover chiropractors’ visits, he will take it. 

Can you get PTSD from a minor car accident?

Yes, you can face PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after a car accident. It lies in Single Incident trauma. For example, a person who survives a car accident says driving is unsafe.