• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Tips and Advice

Carpets and rugs in the home are often overlooked for cleaning. Rug cleaning in Oakton, VA can seem like an afterthought in comparison to the cleanliness of the floors. But not only do carpets and rugs deserve attention, they need it if you want them to last long after your move. 

Opting for a professional cleaning on your rugs and carpets at least once a year can benefit you a lot. A dirty rug or carpet tends to have thousands of dust mites present on them while having a lot more dust underneath. The rugs and carpets tend to contain several contaminants while promoting the mold in damp areas that can lead to allergies. From the aspect of health, it is crucial to keep your home and furnishings clean. 

On the other side, dirt causes a lot of damage to the carpet and rugs. From causing grates against the yarn to causing scratches on the fibers of your carpet while taking away the luster, everything tends to arise due to dirt and uncleanness. Moreover, dirt can scrape away the fibers leaving them all dull and old. They may look comparatively dull in respect of your home. 


The crucial benefit of having a professional rug and carpet cleaning service is that they help extend the lifetime of your furnishings. They tend to effectively remove the build-up dirt and debris and will tend to improve the longevity of your carpets and rugs. Homeowners can prevent their rugs from building up debris by vacuuming regularly. 

At the end of the day, you will be having clean and well-maintained carpets and oriental rugs while providing a healthy environment for your family. Getting your rugs and carpets cleaned by a team of professionals will enhance the appearance of your house whilst giving longevity to furnishers. 


Whether you have a rug that has been down from a family heirloom or is a new addition to your home decor, with the help of the following tips and tactics you can keep your rugs in the best possible shape. 


For even wear on your rug, you should rotate your rugs once a year. Though, depending on the type of the situation the rotation may vary from six months to two years. 

Varying Pathways:

You must have noticed that once you place a rug on the furniture, there tends to be a natural pathway. In such cases, you need to move the furniture to change the pathways from time to time. As a result, this will prevent damage to a particular pattern in one place.


One of the best ways of maintaining the health of your oriental and area rugs is by vacuuming regularly. Due to which the dirt present on the fibers will not be there and restore the life of your carpets and rugs. Make sure that you are not using a beater bar while vacuuming. You can opt for using the vacuum hose from a canister vacuum. 


Do not use the rotating beater bar while vacuuming your shags or other longer-pile rugs as the strings may get caught in the vacuum cleaner. For the best results, you can remove one bar or flip the rug on the other side and vacuum on that side. 


You can add a quality pad under your rug. As a result, this will protect your rug from dirt, wear, and even slippage. Rug cleaning can easily take place once you have padded it properly. 


Carpets and rugs are the centerpieces of any level, sometimes taking their place as a standout. Whether it is in our living room or bedroom carpets and rugs can be the focus of the room. We spend countless hours looking for the perfect rug for our home; we make sure we find one that fits both our style and budget. But most importantly you need to keep them clean