• Sun. May 19th, 2024

Background Investigations and Verification Checks

Background Check services are important to conduct background checks and can be required to be done by an employer and others to know more about a person they want to deal with. It helps them to understand the background of an individual and to evaluate their past.

Background investigations include identity checks, education checks, employment history checks medical history, criminal history, financial history, credit history, and much more. It helps determine whether an applicant is best suited for a position as per their previous records. It is also a method to obtain more authenticated information about the individual’s past including their knowledge, skills, abilities, and character.

Reasons to Conduct Background Checks

There are several reasons where an organization or an individual, requires a person’s screening. Some of these are:

  • Safety: This is one of the main reasons to conduct a background check. It helps avoid harm and other legal liabilities to the employers.
  • Improve Quality of Hires: A candidate’s past performance is one of the most significant indications of their future performance. It helps revealing more about an employee’s professionalism and job skills.
  • Data Verification: Verifying an applicant’s data is most critical for the new employer. The information regarding education, credentials, employer history, tenure, and other criteria are required to be thoroughly checked.
  • Scrutinize Applicants: Background checks are a novel way to uncover dishonest applicants.

Most Common Types of Background / Reference Checks

There are several types of pre-employment checks that may be required by an employer. Some of the most common types are:

  • Candidate History: Some of the candidates may include false employment history on their resumes. They may furnish wrong job responsibilities, skill sets, and job titles, as they wish to achieve higher posts. Moreover, a background check is crucial to avoid hiring a person who could prove to be a liability to the employer in the future.

Employment history check should include dates of employment, job titles and other roles, duties performed, and the circumstances of separation.

  • Education History: Many candidates may list academic degrees they have never earned. They may falsely claim to have degrees, and other educational credentials they have never gone through.
  • Criminal History: Criminal background check is one of the most important parts of background checks. It helps screen job applicants’ history whether they were engaged in workplace violence or some other misconduct that resulted in harming a person or property.

Many third-party service providers offer their services for criminal history checks as it is not much practical to conduct such checks in-house.

  • Credit History: This is a must-check when a candidate is applying for positions that involve financial responsibilities. These reports help to verify that if a person might be risky handling money. However, credit reports are advised to be used with discretion.
  • Identity Verification: It confirms that an applicant is actually the same who they claim to be. Identification check is a mandatory process by most organizations.
  • Certifications Check: When an applicant is a professional, screening authenticates that they possess a valid professional license and certifications. It is important to check that the license has not expired or lapsed and is still in running condition. A motor vehicle record is the most important for an individual who is required to operate an organization vehicle.
  • Personal Reference Check: This is also an important source to find out the most relevant information about a candidate. It is a true and trusted technique to determine if a candidate is a good fit. A personal reference check also helps the new employer that what they can expect from the applicant.

The Best Way to Get Started with Employee Background Check

Conducting all background checks in-house may be complicated and time-consuming. A third-party background check service provider can be a better choice as they are trained professionals for all processing all types of screening activities. Ranging from a criminal background check to a residential address check, these companies are well equipped to provide you with the right solutions for all types of background scrutinies.