• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Are Neurological Disorders in Dogs Treatable?

Why keep the suspense if we have to go on with the elaboration, so the simple answer to this question is a big YES. Dogs do have a nervous system that is similar to that of human anatomy, and just like most of us, they too can experience any damage or injury to their spinal cord , vertebrae or peripheral nerves. The happy part is that all the neurological disorders can be managed , cured and healed with the right medications available in the market.

Symptoms Regarding Neurological Disorders

The classified category of disorders in dogs have been deeply observed by the veterinary neurological center in Irvine, and they have proposed the following set of symptoms which indicate the possibility of any neurological ailment in the dogs.

1. Autoimmune diseases which can directly affect the spinal cord or relatively your dog’s brain.

2. Infection caused by any disease in the spinal cord region.

3. Tumors growing at different parts of the body.

4. Having episodes of epilepsy and seizures.

5. Inflammation of the components of the central nervous system.

6. Strokes.

7. Degenerative disc diseases.

Dysfunctioning of certain nerves also tags among the neurological disorders and some of the common symptoms that we see in dogs while experiencing it are as follows.

1. Not being able to use more than one body part or limbs.

2. Pressure over head.

3. Unexplained weakness followed by fatigue.

4. Disorientation of the central system.

5. Behavioral changes including sensitivity .

6. Periods of fainting.

7. Seizures followed by blood vomiting.

Though the last two symptoms arise when the condition gets too severe to handle and it is not very common like those mentioned first.

How to look after while your dog is experiencing some neurological disorder ?

Well it is mandatory to find the cause first, and then look for a cure which can best suit the requirements which can alleviate and nurture good health in a dog. While we can take some preventive measures at home , it is also recommended to visit your veterinarian regularly for more advices on neurological health issues. Let’s crack some shell open about the points we are gonna ponder at , which will eventually lead to a better dog health .

1. Treating Autoimmune Diseases

When your immune system starts attacking your body only , it is termed as autoimmune disease. The basic function of an immune system is to fight with pathogens and once they enter your body , they are ready to attack them. When this orientation between the immune system and body changes , it leads to severe consequences and one of them is neurological disorders. With the presence of advanced technology and relative upgradation of the medical field , it is now possible to cure autoimmune diseases with simple medications.

2. Spine Surgeries

Spine Surgeries are carried out when the condition of slip disc or degenerative discs arises. Normally a soft cushion of tissue which connects the bones with your spine pulls out and upon imparting the pressure , it may cause pain. It can be cured by giving proper rest to the body , smooth exercises and the painkillers but if it develops abruptly and is causing more pain than before , you can opt for the spine surgery which helps in permanently treating the degenerative disc condition.

3. Tumor’s and Fibrosis

Abnormal growth of a cell resulting in lumps and the reason why it is included here is that almost all dogs are vulnerable to this , since we have trillions of cells in our body. They are also classified as non cancerous , cancerous , and precancerous indicating the amount of harm they can do to a body. Vet neurology in these cases suggest you to have surgeries which can remove the tumor from the body part or there are certain radiation therapies which on applying stop the growth of abnormal cells in the body.

Bottom Line:

Addressing your pet’s needs and requirements about their health issues can help prevent the risk of neurological disorders to turn into malign. Obviously everything is curable but only to a certain extent , you cannot go beyond a point from where there is no coming back and hence it is very important to cater the services if any such condition is prevailing with your pet. Pet’s are lovely and you have a close attachment with the most loyal species , so never ignore the importance of looking after them!