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5 Factors to Consider When Using Contact Lenses


Jun 25, 2022

Contact lenses are an optical asset to help people with certain vision conditions. They are fragile and can be directly placed on the eyes’ surface. It is used for correcting vision or for cosmetic purposes.

Various types of contact lenses are available, and brands like Acuvue are constantly improving them to perfection. More than 100 million people in the world are using contact lenses.

However, for someone newly transforming from spectacles to contact lenses, it is common to have a lot of doubts and questions. Intending to wipe away all the doubts, here are the factors to consider before using contact lenses.

Consult your doctor

It is essential to have a word with your doctor. Take your prescription and a pair of glasses during your visit. The doctor will check your eyes and know the conditions. Also, the doctor will try to understand your eyes by reading the case history and conducting a general examination.

He will focus on knowing your lifestyle to suggest you the best lens. You can learn how to wear the lens, ensure how comfortable you can be, check your vision and get tips on maintaining a contact lens.

Determine the type of lens

After the clinical examination, the doctor can help you choose the best lens. However, from your part, you can know the different kinds of lenses available. There are lenses such as daily disposals, astigmatism lenses, multifocal lenses, and many other lenses for every common eye- disorder like myopia and hypermetropia.

For instance, for patients under 21 years of age, daily disposals are recommended. It is the most suitable for people who have a very active lifestyle and are very busy to allocate time and clean it. One can dispose of it after daily use. There are also permanent lenses available in brands like Acuvue to use for a long time with proper maintenance.

Maintain your case’s hygiene

Many people do not know how to maintain the hygiene of the case. It is one of the primary causes of worsening eye infections. One of the common mistakes with the case’s hygiene is that you should not directly clean the lens with a solution. First, take the case, rise it with warm water, and let it completely air dry. Then, remove the lens from the eyes and, drop it in the case, add the solution for the lens to nourish.

Do not wet your contact lenses.

When you are up to a shower or for a swim class, do not forget to remove your lenses. Water can cause a change in the shape of the lens, make it swell, damage the texture, and make it stick to the eyes.

It can scratch the cornea, making it easy for the germs to enter the eyes and cause an eye infection. It is essential to understand that every water is not free from germs and may contain dangerous germs like Acanthamoeba. It can infect the eyes, and the treatments are difficult and painful.

Stay calm, if you cannot take out the contact lens at times

Unfortunately, you cannot take your lens out sometimes. Do not panic and be harsh on your eyes. Stay calm, and call the doctor. They can check your eyes and help you remove the lens. Sometimes, patients search for a lens even when there is no lens in their eyes. They would have forgotten that they had been removed earlier.

Thus, just like before using any other article, you must learn how to use it correctly. Doing this can save your health, time, money and effort. Using an article properly can give the highest benefit of it.