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Why use Unity 3D for game development

BySunny chawla

Oct 5, 2021

Unity was developed by unity technologies, and was for the first time announced and released in 2005 June at an Apple Inc.’s worldwide developers conference. It is the world’s most popular engine and is a cross-platform gaming engine. Initially it was exclusive for Mac OS, but then it started to support a variety of platforms like mobile, desktop, virtual reality and consoles.

Even though there is 3D in the name, it also corresponds to tools for 2D game development. Visit this page for best unity 3d developer.

Programmers mostly love Unity because of the C# scripting API it offers and the built-in Visual Studio combination. Also, Unity offers JavaScript as a scripting language. Also, the artists love Unity as well since it comes with influential animation tools that make it easier to create their own 3D scenes or build 2D animations from scrape. Nearly anything can be animated with the help of Unity.

Features of Unity

Here are some of the features of Unity.

  • It arranges for a workspace that combines component-driven design and artist-friendly tools, which make game development pretty darn instinctive.
  • It comes with a ton of professional tools for both programmers and for artists.
  • On unity, both 2D and 3D development is possible
  • With physics-based materials, powerful shaders, post-processing, and high-resolution lighting systems, Unity can supply remarkable graphics across the board.
  • The approach the unity uses is a component based approach for game development that revolves around prefabs. With the use of prefabs, the game designers can build objects and environments more proficiently and scale faster.
  • With the editor tools that Unity provides, users can at the same time handle inputs for mouse, keyboards, and game controllers.
  • In the newer versions of Unity, team collaboration is something that has greatly improved. Cloud integration and built-in version control make working with other people easier than ever before.

Why should one choose Unity for game development?

If you are looking for a game development engine that can make things at ease for your task of making games and make it simpler for you to come up with stellar games that are well acknowledged by your audience, you have visited the right page. With the extensive admiration of Unity game development services, a number of game development studios now have come up that they want to precisely accommodate to the clients that want to have their games designed with Unity. Here are some of the best whys and wherefores for a person who wants to work with Unity 3D game engine when you are planning to  launch your first game development plan.

  1. You can use Unity 3D for free.

It is quite possible that you might be short on financial resources when you are launching your first game development project. For the same reason, Unity 3D is a perfect choice for you, as you can find its free version online and start using it without any difficulties. The free version of Unity allows you to come up with awesome looking games, you can further improve them with the paid version if you are extreme on that. 

  • You can find best gaming solutions from the unity asset store.

You can build a strong and stable game, as unity provides its users with Unity Asset Store. Whether you are looking for ambiences and scenes, design characters or backdrops, Unity Asset Store can certainly help you out with that. Although most game development studios love to work with Unity for its amazing 3D features, it is also very well suitable for assignments that involve 2D gaming.

  • Unity has one of the best developer communities.

Sometimes, one may feel stuck while creating a game and would love to gain some support. Well, Unity can definitely get you the best support that one might need for their game development needs. There are more than two million individuals in the community of Unity developers. As Unity is extremely flexible and versatile also, it is competent to support a wide number of platforms therefore, a major part of the game development companies love to work with unity.

  • Easily usable scripting language:

Unity uses C# & JavaScript as its programming language.

  • Unity is easy to use:

If you compare Unity to other web development tools, you will find that unity is way more convenient and easy to use for game development. With Unity you can also develop games without taking any help or assistance from some expert.


I think there is no such thing as the best gaming engine, but I surely do feel that Unity is a great one. If you are a beginner, you should totally use Unity as its community will surely help you learn the tools that will be sufficient for a very long time.