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Why Is Air Leaking From the Tire? Reasons for Leaks

A dependable tire does not have to be leaky to let the airflow out of it. In this article, we will learn about where to search for leaks whenever the air is leaking from the tire:

The requirement to regularly pump up the same wheel encourages car owners to search for the causes of the leaks. Unfortunately, many car owners unintentionally ignore the slow leakage of air from the tires, forgetting that driving with a low pressure tire accelerates the tire wear and worsens handling, significantly reducing safety while travelling.

The most straightforward way to begin such a process is by visually assessing the tire’s condition and rim. Also, if a visual inspection is not working, you can additionally use soapy water to help locate the leak. However, some damages are hard to identify using these home methods, in such cases you must immediately contact car repair services.

Common causes of air leaking from the wheels:

Puncture of the tire:

This is apparently one of the most common sources of leakage. Metal objects (e.g., nails), generally get stuck into the face of the tire’s tread. However, it is recommended not to pull them out by yourself – paradoxically, as long as they are stuck in a hole, they seal off the tire and reduce air leakage.  

Connecting the tire to the rim:

Accumulation of dirt on the rim edge or residue of old assembly paste can also become the cause of air leakage. This is why it is necessary to clean the contact area between the rim and tires with each tire change. 

Corrupted valve:

Usually, the valve elements are made of rubber, which tends to stiffen over time and ultimately loses its tightness. It should be recommended that valves need to be replaced after 3-4 years of usage. 

Twisted valve

In most cases, it is one piece, but there are also two-piece metal valves. In such cases, the case of the leak formation may be broken gaskets on both sides of the mounting hole in the rim. 

Faulty valve valve

This is basically the only issue that you can fix yourself without using a doorstep car repair app. If the valve attached to the valve body is leaky, just spray it with the aforementioned soapy water – the presence of air bubbles will be a clear proof that part of the car needs immediate replacement. 

Seating the valve

It is necessary that the rim mounting hole must be corrosion-free and clean – the irregular surface increases the chances of leakage. The valve seats must be cleaned and rubbed with a paste every time they are replaced using the best deal car service app.

A pressure sensor

Valves working in conjunction with the pressure sensor can also contribute to a slow loss of air pressure from the wheels. The most common leakage is due to violation of rubber gaskets.

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