• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Vitiligo: What Should You Know about It?

There are so many tedious, irritating and heart-breaking skin conditions that you should be very careful about. vitiligo is one such condition that can be really disappointing. The thing is it is a condition where the patches appear when melanocytes inside the skin simply die off. Melanocytes are the cells that are accountable for generating the skin pigment, melanin, which offer the skin its colour and guards it from the sun’s UV rays.

Good news is that you can find vitiligo treatment in Bangalore and ensure that you get it too.  Actually, in simple words vitiligo is a type of skin condition in which patches of your skin loses their colour. The complete area of skin that may be affected by vitiligo differs between individuals. It may also affect the eyes, the within of mouth, and even the hair. In most of the instances, the affected areas stay discoloured for the rest of the life of the sufferer.

Remember that this is a condition that is photosensitive. It means the areas that are impacted will get more sensitive to sunlight than the ones that are not. Similarly, it is tough to predict if the patches are going to spread, and by how much. The spread could take weeks, or the patches may even remain stable for months or even years. Also, the lighter patches incline to be more visible in folks with dark or tanned skin.

Symptoms of vitiligo

The only symptom of this condition of vitiligo is the appearance or emergence of flat white spots or patches on your skin. The foremost white spot that turns out to be noticeable is mostly in an area that inclines to be exposed to the sun.

It begins as a simple spot, a little paler than that of the rest of the skin. However, as time passes, such a spot turns out to be paler until it becomes white. The patches are quite of irregular in shape. At times, the edges may even become a little inflamed with that of a slight red tone, at times resulting in itchiness. Normally, it does not actually cause any sort of discomfort, soreness, irritation, or dryness in the skin.

You must understand that the effects of vitiligo differ between people. Some individuals could have only a handful of white dots that grow no further, while others simply develop huger white patches that join together and impact the larger areas of skin.

Effects on lifestyle

In case the skin patches get visible, the social stigma of vitiligo may be challenging to cope with. Embarrassment can head to problems with self-esteem, and even that of in some cases, anxiety and depression can be seen.

Individuals with darker skin are more prone to experience difficulties, because the contrast is huger. In India, you can hear vitiligo as white leprosy.  Enhancing awareness about vitiligo, as an example, by speaking with friends about it, can aid the people with the condition to overcome such difficulties. Connecting with other people who experience vitiligo may also aid.


So, if you are starting to have this condition or you have any doubts you can visit vitiligo clinic in Bangalore or in your city.