• Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ukraine-Russia Conflict: India Plans Air Evacuation Of Its Citizens Thru These Change Routes

The Ministry Of Outside Affairs (Mea) Said That Teams Are Being Sent To The Land Borders With Ukraine In Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic And Romania To Assist The Evacuation.

Because the warfare between ukraine and russia intensifies, ukraine has closed its airspace leaving lots of indian nationals stranded in the former united states territory.

Whilst the government of india initiated an evacuation drive sending air india flights to kyiv, capital of ukraine and announcing additional flights from ukraine within the coming days, the air moves through russia brought on the ukrainian executive to shut its airspace.

Now india is planning an evacuation of the indian residents via opportunity routes. The ministry of external affairs (mea) on thursday said that groups are being sent to the land borders with ukraine in hungary, poland, slovak republic and romania to assist the evacuation of indian nationals.

To assist in the evacuation of indian nationals from ukraine, mea teams from @indiainhungary, @indiainpoland, @indiainslovakia and @eoiromania are on their way to the adjoining land borders with ukraine,” said arindam bagchi spokesperson of ministry of external affairs.

Indian nationals in ukraine near the border points can contact the subsequent teams:

Zahony Border Publish Contrary Uzhhorod In Zakarpattia Oblast Of Ukraine

s ramji, (cell: +36305199944, whatsapp: +917395983990)

ankur (cell and whatsapp: +36308644597)

mohit nagpal (cell: +36302286566, whatsapp: +918950493059)

Krakowiec Land Border With Ukraine

pankaj garg (cell: +48660460814 / +48606700105)

manoj kumar (cell: +421908025212)

Vysne Nemecke Land Border With Ukraine

ivan kozinka (cellular: +421908458724)

Suceava Land Border With Ukraine

gaushul ansari (mobile: +40731347728)

uddeshya priyadarshi (cellular: +40724382287)

andra harionov (cell: +40763528454)

marius sima (mobile: +40722220823)

indian nationals in ukraine close to the above border factors can touch the above groups in case they desire to leave ukraine,” said mea in a announcement.

Partha satpathy, ambassador of india in ukraine, stated that the embassy of india in kiev will maintain to operate till every indian is evacuated. The embassy of india in kiev keeps to operate round the clock 24×7.

Today morning we woke up with the information that kiev is underneath attack, the entire of ukraine is under attack. This has generated a variety of anxiety, uncertainty, and created anxiety.

I would really like to guarantee all of you that the embassy of india keeps to operate across the clock looking out for the safety and protection of indians right here,” he stated.

The embassy of india in ukraine accommodated extra than 2 hundred indian college students at a college close to the embassy in kiev. With inputs from ians