• Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Typical Beginner Mistakes in Poker

Poker is one of the most appealing and interesting and fun card games to play. Whether you are playing serious professional Poker for money or just for fun with friends and family, this is a game that you will never tire of playing.

However, there are some mistakes that beginners make when they first start playing online Poker or Teen Patti. We bring you a list of some typical mistakes that beginners make while playing Poker. Read on to find out how many of these you make.

  • Playing Scared:

If you are someone who plays with reckless and no fear in mind, then this point is not for you. However, if you are among those who play with fear in their minds, read on.

Players who are just beginning to play either offline or online Poker are either scared of losing or scared of making mistakes. Owing to this, they fold easily unless they know that they have a sure hand. This, however, is a mistake. Evaluate your cards and the cards on the desk and think it through thoroughly before you make up your mind and fold. Most beginners are often intimidated by someone who is playing aggressively, assuming that they have the best cards, and hence they must not venture too far or take too many risks. That is not the case in every scenario. Learn to get over this paranoia of amateurs and start trusting your instincts.

  • Placing Improper Bet Sizes

Mostly, this mistake takes place in low-limit or no-limit pot games. Only with experience do you understand how to correctly size the bets you place in order to manipulate the players your way. Players new to this game often place bets on the extremes, placing them too high if they have good cards and too low if they have average ones. Usually, in Poker, you should bet the amount that minimizes the amount that you might lose and maximizes the amount of money that you might win.

  • Chasing

A new player too often keeps playing or stays in hand, hoping that other newer cards might appear that will improve his hand. They might call flush or straight draws but also call bets in order to pair either an ace or a second card for another pair. Calling a draw need not necessarily be deemed wrong, but what is observed as a common mistake in beginners is that they might chase improper pot odds to call it. Doing so might ensure that you gain the right cards you need in your hand.

  • Committing Too Much to a Single Hand

Giving up is not always a bad thing. Poker is unlike other games where giving up or folding means that you are stepping back. Sometimes, you are just dealt a really bad hand, and there is no way out – you have to fold. Sometimes you might stay in a hand because you don’t want to look weak or because the fighter in you says that you will never win if you fold. Don’t play passively, don’t keep calling bets until it is too late. Play smartly and trust your instincts.

  • Letting Your Emotions Rule Your Brain

When you let your emotions rule your head, you stand to lose too much at the game of Poker. Emotions affect the way you make critically incorrect choices like making desperate moves, chasing losing hands, or letting your ego rule your mind & heart. This is especially true for beginners, who generally tend to make rash decisions that blind them to the risks and the possibly glaringly clear mistakes that they are about to make. Things happen. The game need not always be in your favor. Suck it up and keep a cool mind. If you feel the onset of emotions, take a step back and reset your mind. Only when you start feeling at ease and uncomfortable are you in a proper place to make the right decisions.

  • Too Much Bluffing

The game of Poker does not just depend on bluffing. While it is correct and satisfying to bluff the opponents out of a pot, do not bluff so much that you become predictable. Keep your bluffing to an optimal percentage. If you bluff a lot, people will slowly start to realize this and stop believing in your bluffs. Keep your bluffing limited to a few hands instead of just randomly showing aggression in every hand.

There then! We now have you acquainted with the basic beginner mistakes in the game of offline or online Poker. Make sure you do not make them now and turn the tables to your advantage. Go ahead and win some money.