• Mon. May 20th, 2024

Types of Hoodies You Can Get for Men

Hoodies are noting but hooded sweaters which are a lovely addition to anyone’s winter wardrobe. They are loved by both men and women because they are stylish. Hoodies can not only protect one from the direct sun rays but can also protect them from chills and rains to a certain extent.

When it comes to hoodies for men, there are various types and styles from which one can choose:

Skull Hoodies

As the name suggests, they cover the skull, and this is a perfect wear for the high school and the college goers. They cover the body and the skull well enough and so one can stay warm in the harsh weather conditions as well. There is Gothic and 3D skull prints which are available these days and they are quite trendy. Most of them are black in colour but one can also choose some vibrant colours if they want to make a bold statement.

Black Hoodies

They are the most popular variation of hoodies because they look really stylish in appearance. One can wear this hoodie with any sort of shirts or T shirts inside. Also, one can pair them up with jeans or any colour of pants because they go well with them. But still one can go for darker shades as bottom wear like dark blue, black, navy blue and more. There are printed black hoodies available as well with animal prints, natural prints and even mechanical prints which can provide a certain edge to a plain black hoodie.

Polo Hoodies

These types of hoodies are perfect for men who want to be elegantly dressed always. These hoodies have polo emblems on them, and they are ideal to wear on the golf course or the tennis ground. If one wants to perk them up a bit, then they can also dress them up with some loose fitted casual clothes and some cool and funky sneakers.

Pullover Hoodies

They are a perfect wear during winter. One can double them up as pullovers and they can keep the body quite warm. One can wear them to any casual outings, and they are available in various colours.

Skate Hoodies

As the name suggests, these are perfect for men who like to skate and are quite frequent to the skating rinks. They are sleeveless in form so that it can show off some toned arms of muscular men. They are also great for men who love to ski and also want to turn up there in a stylish manner.

Baja Hoodies

These hoodies were traditionally made of soft materials in Mexico. They were also used to make ponchos and pullovers. One can get sleeveless hoodies of this pattern these days and they are the perfect ones when one wants to adorn the traveller looks.

Fur Hoodies

They are the ideal ones for winter months and one can look quite stylish by wearing them. They provide enough warmth and comfort.

So, when it comes to choosing hoody for men, then one can pick any from these styles.