• Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

The Role Of Blockchain In Education Sector

The utility of blockchain tends to emerge with currencies like Bitcoin. Any data that you enter on the blockchain is stored in blocks that is linked together in a chronological order. Apart from these features the decentralized nature of  Blockchain is a major feature. Of late the prominence of blockchain for educational sector has gone on to report a major increase of sorts. The institutes that have gone on to adopt it mainly do so for storing their academic records. With possibilities mounting scaling new heights, cost and security all pose challenges to the adoption of this technology.

Since the technology keeps on evolving blockchain is bound to play a major role in the educational sector. If you have a bachelor’s degree in blockchain it is going to provide you with a comprehensive understanding on how it can be applied to education and other domain.

Blockchain is bound to bring down the costs of education

Blockchain does have the power of transforming the educational landscape by opening up new pathways of learning along with disrupting the existing relationship between the students and the parents. Dealing with the payment process of the students turns out to be a time consuming process where multiple parties are involved. With the aid of blockchain it may streamline the process leading to reduction of overhead and lowering down the cost in such cases. Such a technology has been following the pay as you go process and this relates to other type of learning scenarios.

The challenges confront implementation of blockchain in the educational sector

In spite of the numerous benefits of blockchain in education industry its application is fairly limited. According to a survey undertaken 50 % of the respondents did go on to showcase a lack of interest in the topic.

Security is one of the viable features of blockchain and it does not mean that it is going to be vulnerable. A lot has got to do with the sensitivity of the information that is stored on the blockchain, mainly relating to student records. Hence the institutions needs to be aware on how they are planning to store the information in a precise manner. By complying with the federal and state laws it does pose definite challenges of its own. The need of the hour is to implement stronger privacy measures by relying on permissible or private blockchain

Though  it may turn out to be a cost saving exercise, but adoption of any new form of technology turns out to be a costly task. The costs relating to computing power along with other type of infrastructure costs may add up. in addition some of the institutions lack the skills along with the knowledge necessary to implement this form of technology as part of their overall set up. So the need of the hour is to make an investment in school administrators on how to be using this technology as it may cost a lot of time and money.