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The importance of light in photography


Nov 19, 2021

You must have scrolled down the pictures of celebrities and ended up thinking why don’t you get these pictures from your camera. In photography, the lighting plays a very important role which converting a successful picture. It is not only about brightening or darkness but shades, tones, and a lot more. If you had the interest to know how to capture the perfect picture, then first let’s understand the importance of lighting through this article. 

1. Quality of Light- When we talk about the quality of light, then it needs to be understood that there are 3 qualities of light- color, direction, intensity. If these are accurately measured, the pictures are captured to the point. Photographers before clicking a picture look at the quality of light and the shadows to get a sharp picture. 

2. Effect on light- If you are working for a promotion video for example standing with a makeup palette, the effect of light will determine your good or bad picture. The person behind the camera has to adjust according to the effect of light coming from the opposite direction. If there is too dark or too light a background then the picture will not be as smooth and it can cause the camera’s light. Thus, the effect of light is an important parameter to understand when capturing a picture of a person in a frame.

3. Reflected light- Photographers know it best when it comes to making use of reflected light. Normally, the other lighting like transmitted starts appearing in the same scene. 

4. Other key parameters- Some other parameters are equally important when understanding the lighting concept i.e warmth exposure, angle, and hard/soft lights. Warmth exposure or the coolness in the picture determines the color intensity in the picture, the angle is to consider from the light is coming from, and the hard/soft lights to know the difference between bright and shadow.

5. Controlling natural light- To become a photographer is not as easy as it seems. There are some tricks and tips that every student needs to follow when taking online camera classes. While practicing you will learn how to control the natural lighting. For example- If you want warm golden lighting falling on your face then look for the sunset or sunrise and a subtle dewy face then look for cloudy weather. 

6. Other feature- white balance- While considering the different lights in a picture, it is important to keep white balance in mind. Auto white balance will correct all the blunders and provide the picture with balanced overall lights. 

To conclude-

The subject of photography is nothing new but by the time has played a vital role in the young generation. Everyone can become a master in photography if rigidly practicing and attending online photography classes for beginners. These classes can help them in becoming professional photographers by knowing the tips, tricks and overcoming their mistakes. Thus, if you had an interest in the line of photography then attend the classes and become a master on your own.