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Experts in Chalfant Valley, California, have been confused beginning around 2018 by the vanishing of 16-year-old Karlie Gusé. In the early morning long stretches of October 13, 2013, the juvenile was accounted for missing. The FBI guarantees that Gusé just took a shirt, workout pants, and Vans shoes when she escaped her home. She was last spotted walking around Richard Eddy’s home, the home of a neighbor and onlooker who saw her.

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Whirlpool said he saw a little kid with long earthy colored hair passing past around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. on the FBI’s YouTube site. Notwithstanding the way that it was “cold” outside, he accepted it was “odd” for her to be out at an inconvenient time without a coat or coat. Likewise, he professed to have seen the young woman going with a piece of paper in her grasp.

Roughly 8 a.m., Melissa Gusé, has Karlie lain Guse been tracked down stepmother, showed up at the house to ask about Eddy. I accepted I saw a young lady, yet I was unable to find any proof of her, so I hopped on my motorbike to check whether I could find her — yet I was unable to find her all things considered.

Brad Bilderback, a FBI specialist, says where the juvenile disappeared is very fruitless. He expressed this in a YouTube video “It’s unimaginable that she could simply get moving that way. Someone, some place has data.”

The prior night she evaporated, Karlie guse refreshed 2021 acted sporadically and suspicious.


Criminology are investigating whether Melissa, Karlie lain guse step-mother, let investigators know that the prior night Karlie disappeared, she got her around 8:30pm and that Karlie illuminated her she had utilized pot and was feeling somewhat “distrustful.” Karlie appeared “muddled” to her stepmother.

For long time after Gusé got her that evening, Karlie guse missing behavior was depicted as being extremely shaky, as though she dreaded somebody would kill her or that she personally would be killed. On top of all the other things, she was stressed over being found through her cell phone. Some conjecture that Karlie Gusé was affected by some different option from pot when she left the home that evening, and that she might have been high when she withdrew.

Gusé dozed near Karlie guse dr phil as she quieted down, as per CrimeOnline. Kristin was stirred by Karlie’s wide eyes at 5:30 a.m. what’s more, kept awake until 7:15 or 7:30 a.m. Karlie was gone when she stirred, she asserts. As per a meeting on YouTube, Karlie’s dad, Zachary Gusé, believes that either Karlie voyaged such a long ways into the desert that she died out there, or that she was brought as she strolled not too far off.

With such a lot of time having elapsed since the vanishing, and without any proof of Karlie guse titok, Bishop Union High School Principal David Kalk expressed in a FBI interview delivered to YouTube that he accepts that many have “surrendered to the likelihood that we might in all likelihood at no point ever see Karlie lain guse digital recording in the future.”