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Get To Know More About Basics Of Televisions


Oct 6, 2021

TV is all about enjoying different content, music, games, and spending quality time with family, friends, and loved ones. With the colorful experience of amazing picture quality of television technology making us mind-blowing.

We have several options while buying new television like standard TVs, smart TVs, and android tv. Before picking one among these three TVs, we still have confusions about which one is best and popular. We might think both smart tv and android tv are the same but the thing is different.

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What is Standard TV?

Standard TVs work like normal basic TV, you need to connect with the setup box where you can watch your fav channels. This TV has a USB port, HDMI cables, and will be available in HD-ready, Full HD, and Ultra HD display panels. The TV is come up with the lowest price as well as different display sizes.  But the only thing is, you cannot give internet connection.

How does Android TV build with?

Android TVs are built with immense technology, a high-resolution effect where it is also integrated by UI and it sounds similar to Smart Tv but it comes with OS and different new features. Like how your android phone is designed. Contents are displays in the elegant spectrum, which gives you a cinematic experience by sitting at your home.

Can we get more apps on Android TVs than Smart TVs?

Yes, of course, you will get better features, OTT channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount +, and where you can give voice commands over google assistance. Also, you can download your fav apps on the given play store. Talking about Smart TVs, it does not have extra new specs and features also there are limited apps already installed and it is unable to download more.  

Does Smart TV have more features like Android TVs?

I already mentioned above, in Smart TVs, you have to use pre-installed apps, or if you wish to download more, it will come up with unsupported formats. Like android TVs, you will not get any google play store or google assistance feature. Nowadays most of the remote does contain voice command features also. The good news is that you can play mobile content on your big screen also. You will never get new updates on Smart TVs whereas this standard robot tv has everything.

My opinion

We have a better phone, a better home, everything is better and updated, do we have better TV?

When technology is running, our generation also updating. Yes, if you ask me about which Tv is best, I will definitely go for Android TV. 

What’s your fav?