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Erectile dysfunction in young males information


Oct 5, 2021

Is Erectile Dysfunction a Real Thing?

A man will put in effort and time to keep a healthy penis. This is to reduce the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction. It’s logical that men desire to avoid erectile dysfunction because sexual pleasure and satisfaction are mostly dependent on the penis’ capacity to sustain an erectile condition. A claim has gone viral on the internet that cat scratching may render a man impotent. Is this a hearsay or something that actually happened?

The following are the facts.

Despite the absurdity of the situation, science has documented at least one case of erectile dysfunction caused by a cat scratching a man’s genital area. That isn’t to say that every tabby-bitten man should be concerned about his ability to perform in bed.

The following symptoms were reported by a 23-year-old man: fever, chills, and sweating. He had also dropped over 20 pounds in the previous six months and was suffering from aches in his pelvis, back, penile glands, balls, and lymph node swelling. He also stated that his erection function was severely impaired.

His physicians did tests to rule out obvious explanations like sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but the results were negative. He wasn’t afflicted with lymphoma, either (which often presents with many symptoms that he listed).

The cat connection

Doctors discovered a bacteria called Bartonella henselae. Cat scratch disease is caused by this bacterium. Many males are familiar with the term “cat scratch fever” because to a Ted Nugent song. However, only a small percentage of the population is aware of the exact cause!

Doctors were able to provide the necessary antibiotic medication after confirming the diagnosis, and the patient recovered completely in three weeks!

Yes, the man’s erectile issue was caused by this cat. However, it is a rare occurrence. Most cats do not carry the bacterium. The second point is that not all scratched cats become ill. Even if they are sick, the intensity of their ailment varies substantially.

This individual had a severe reaction to the bacterium. Penis nerve injury was caused by the bacteria. The nerves had a hard time transmitting and receiving the signals required for appropriate erectile function as a result of this.

In the vast majority of situations, cat scratches have no effect on the penis! There will be penis pain and discomfort if the scratch is right on the penis, but hopefully no bacteria-related nerve damage or eventual erectile dysfunction! Fildena 100 , Cenforce 100 can help with erectile dysfunction.

Take care

What is a man to do if his cat scratches him? Doctors advice bathing the affected region with soap and water, as well as using mild disinfectants if necessary. It is recommended that he see a doctor if he gets symptoms such as lymph node swelling or other indicators.

Although erectile dysfunction caused by a cat scratch is uncommon, it’s worth it to keep your penis in good shape. Regular use of a high-quality penile health lotion (such as Man1 Man Oil, which has been clinically confirmed to be mild and safe for the skin) will help. You should search for a cream that has both L-arginine and L-carnitine in it. This is a tool for boosting the amount of blood in the penis. This component protects against diminished feeling caused by excessive or vigorous use.