• Wed. May 15th, 2024

Choosing Color of Your Exhibition Stand

You must have seen some brilliant exhibition stands at trade fairs and exhibitions and thought to yourself how to plan such exhibition stands for your own business or brand while participating in a trade show. Creating an effective display can be a complex process as you need to consider various elements like size, shape, colors, branding, graphics, and many more.

One of the important factors that might take a lot of your time is selecting the color of your exhibition stand. You have to be careful while choosing the color for your stand as it must be in line with your brand and logo. The color of your exhibition stand has the potential to make your stand look attractive and leave a huge impact on the visitors.

To help you select the right color and make your booth and brand stand out from the crowd of other exhibition stands we are sharing a few useful tips.

Hiring a professional for color selection

It is usually seen that most of the brands exhibiting at a trade show end up using the same colors in their exhibition designs as most of them don’t know much about color psychology. You must be creative while thinking of a color scheme for your stand and for this you can take the help of professional exhibition stand builders Dubai. Hiring someone professional can be really helpful as they have proper knowledge of the latest trends.

Be Creative and Bold in Your Design

With each and every booth competing to grab the attention of visitors, you can go with a bold design that would give an impression of originality to the passers-by and can compel them to stop and move towards your stand. Being bold doesn’t mean that you choose something that gives a disorganized look to your booth. You need to tailor your choice according to the color psychology and then choose something both bold and stylish.

Know Color Psychology of Exhibition Stands

To select the perfect color you must have basic knowledge about the color psychology of a few shades before you choose the one for your exhibition stand design. With this, you will have a sense of how you can use colors in a way that will make you stand out from the other designs.

For instance, the BLUE color gives both soothing and intellectual looks and is often used by brands to give a sense of serenity and trust to its audience. This can be a good choice for your stand until and unless your shade of blue stands out from the predictable plethora of blue colors that stands around you.

Another interesting color for your stand is RED which triggers the senses and incites action. The red color is exciting and warm and can be integrated into your booth design to produce a great effect in catching the attention of visitors.

Another excellent color to select for your exhibition stand is BLACK which sends out a sense of sophistication, strength, substance, and security. All the mentioned characteristics can bring an aura of high quality and timelessness to your brand.