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Career Opportunities after Studying MSc Wildlife Science at Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER


Nov 19, 2021

M.Sc. Wildlife Science is a 2-year degree course of wildlife science that deals in a detailed study of wildlife conservation. As we know, wildlife conservation is one of the challenges faced by all over the world, candidates who are keen on nature and wildlife can pursue an MSC wildlife Science degree to protect and conserve wildlife.

Career Opportunities after Studying MSc Wildlife Science

Jobs in the wildlife conservation field are widespread in varied areas such as academics, NGOs, government agencies, etc. Below are some of the career opportunities after studying MSc wildlife science at Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER, one of the Best Wildlife Institutes in India.

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  • GIS Specialist – GIS (Geographic information systems) Specialists primarily layout, develop, and apply databases and systems to access & store geospatial data to analyse this data with mapping software. Pursuing this course requires a bachelor’s degree in science, including subjects like information technology, computer science, or a linked field and MSc in wildlife science. GIS Specialists make up digital maps via geospatial data & analyse non-spatial and spatial information. GIS specialists must have abilities to effectively configure and analyse data, excellent written & verbal communication skills and expertise in technology methodologies, data management and GIS desktop software. 
  • Wildlife Biologists – Working as a wildlife biologist is a good career option for people who desire to contribute to wildlife conservation. Wildlife biologists perform various tasks, including collecting samples and conducting observational lab research, plot research and organising wildlife assessment activities, interactions with other advocatory groups, scientists, or professionals to monitor and preserve population & habitats and more. They also execute temporary field tasks in distant locations and deliver expert verification and information for environmental and ecological impact assessments associated with wildlife.
  • Wildlife Educators – Wildlife Educators train inspiring wildlife candidates in wildlife-associated science, including environmental biology, ecology, behaviour, conversation strategies, toxicology, disease, and more. Wildlife educators prepare lesson plans & curriculums and work as high- school teachers or college and university faculty members. Apart from classroom teachers, they can also research laboratories or the field. Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER offers quality education and expertise in MSc Wildlife Science that prepares candidates to apply as wildlife educators.
  • Wildlife Forensic Specialist – Wildlife forensics is a science that uses scientific measures to examine wildlife-related crimes and misconducts involving poaching, the exotic pet trade and various other unlawful hunting activities. Wildlife forensic specialists use chemical procedures to investigate and examine wildlife crimes. In addition, they investigate animals, animal products & parts and other proofs collected by wildlife superintendents and other officers. Many wildlife forensic specialists do jobs in the state and government wildlife agencies where they work in labs mostly, but in some cases, they examine a crime scene or collect samples in the field.
  • Environment Policy Analyst – Environment Policy Analyst, explore the data about policy for development, analyse the environmental challenge and its proposed solution. They analyse and recommend changes so that the climate or environment is as per health policy. They could be research associates, program managers, regulatory analysts, advisors etc. They use advanced technologies and make their findings available for government or environmental groups. Their finding and strategies have a positive impact on legislation. Their reasoning towards climate change is directly related to the social life of human beings as well as other creatures.

Apart from the jobs mentioned above, candidates can apply for various other jobs after pursuing a postgraduate degree in wildlife science. So don’t wait and Apply for Admission at Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER to grab the opportunities offered in the wildlife conservation field.