• Fri. May 17th, 2024

Post pandemic has fueled brooks of application programs abroad. 2020 has worked as a stagnation towards the procedure of immigration from India. Aspirants are planning to sustain international degrees this year after the failure of the government to take adequate measures to control the pandemic. However, such cannot be done without the help of professionals dedicated to the information on scholarships to study abroad for Indian students. Ewritingchamps works forward to bridge the gap between students and potential scholarship programs.

Students aspiring to pursue a degree abroad have been highly impacted by the post covid situation. The international academic landscape has changed completely after the 2019 – 2020 covid surge that propelled the foreign visas to loosen up with its regulations. 

The constant change of laws, travel restrictions, and lockdowns are wearing thin on students. To make sure the journey of studying abroad gets conducted as smoothly as possible, you must make a strong SOP by your application process. 

  • Ease of abroad application process

Admissions to universities abroad expect a substantial amount of documentation along with accurate test scores. In fact, any failure of presenting documents while verification can lead to the cancellation of the process. However, with most services operating at uneven capacity, getting the right documents and striving for the required tests can be difficult. To find ease while applying to universities is made easy with Ewritingchamps.

We demonstrate various procedures to ensure to get through the applications of your desired university. Universities understand the anxiety students face, and therefore, several of them have waved off their requirements of tests like GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and even SAT. Not only that, but many have also offered course application fee waivers, but amidst these opportunities, we fail to recognize mastering the first steps of the studying abroad application process.

The dilemma: Hire professionals to deal with your admission process or do it on your own

While E writing champs professionals are constantly working to ensure you get the maximum benefit of scholarship programs and sufficient insight on your course structure. Your task is to procrastinate the interest and abilities of your choices that will suit the best inputs in your academics. Students often opt for courses without doing adequate research on the course program and the university. Such unawareness gets reflected in your application process, and you would not like rejection for that. 

  • Not showing enough funds to cover your abroad study.

Before choosing your final destination for an international degree, produce enough detailing of your liquid assets to expect decent approval. Countries have 35% of the inhouse income from international students, and they don’t want to burden the economy with any defaulters. So make sure you provide evidence of ample liquid funds to get qualified. 

Inconsistent insights on Visa Application Procedures Acquiring a visa for Europe can be a lot more tricky. Student application visas are the most important process for study abroad scholarships, and many students tend to take it lightly.

Each university has its specific study abroad application protocols, and you must go through the instructions before writing your application. You want to create an impression by being very specific to your study abroad application process. 

  • IELTS rankings are never to be taken for granted 

Aptituting for IELTS is always a plus for your study abroad scholarships. Abroad countries mark your chances based on the IELTS score as they want you to work among the natives and repay your student loan.

  • Budget your finances taking into consideration your food and accommodation 

When calculating your budgeting, make sure you take into account the food and rents for the years you plan to spend there. We often make the mistake of hunching for the cheapest tuition fee for your international experience and forget to consider the staying expenditure in the abroad countries. Thinking this is the way to go will save your money, but that’s not the case here. 

  • Consider searching for potential scholarships.

A lot of students don’t even try to apply for a scholarship, thinking they are to not meet the requirements, but that’s not the case. We are so scared of rejection that after receiving a single decline, we stop trying. Potential scholarships are offered and speculated each day to better the international experience of students in every abroad country. 

  • Enrolling at courses not suiting your foregrounding

Always choose the right course as abroad application waivers are too very expensive and well the money you spend on an abroad program matters. Also, research the country you intend to move to and talk to the immigration agencies to permit your student visa the longest. Try contacting the people who have already been there and get first-hand insights from the lived experiences. 

  • Ranking of the university and the probable job prospects

Check on the Job possibilities after completion of the course you are opting for. If needed, get in touch with students already studying there or recent pass outs to procure a better understanding. Retaining your decision to pick the right Course and University is crucial as it’s not possible to change to any other course later on. Of course, it can be done, but at the cost of taking a toll on your repositories. 

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