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3 Reliable Frameworks You Can Utilize to Build Your Enterprise-level App

Mobile apps are gradually becoming more interactive, sophisticated, and user-friendly as businesses worldwide line up to participate in this mobile revolution. To meet the effectual demand, app framework developers have levelled up their game, providing top-notch technologies for application development.

This write-up will share the three most reliable frameworks you can utilize for app development in 2021. You can hire a dedicated Android app development company to build applications that can raise the bar for functionality, UX, and overall performance by outperforming their predecessors.

Application Framework -Overview

An Android app framework is an extensive software toolkit that allows product owners to piece together a finished product that matches the requirements of its proprietor. An Android framework provides the structure to an app to be covered with graphics, special features, animation, and various other functionalities. Frameworks are built to simplify the application development process and make it easy to modify, manage, and fix bugs down the line.

Various Android application development frameworks share similar attributes, along with some unique features that make them suitable for different projects. The app framework you choose should be selected with all essential and specific project requirements you have in your mind.

Basic Attributes of An Effective Android Application Development Framework

With hundreds of Android application frameworks available in the market, finding the ones that stand apart and fulfil your project requirements can be a compelling task. This write-up is based on the following criteria to sort the best out of the rest:

Cross-platform Support

Cross-platform frameworks allow every Android app development company to use a similar codebase across the various operating systems, meaning only a single application will have the same feel, look and UX on any gadget. Plus, any fixes and updates are universally reflected automatically. Even if you’re primarily interested in building an Android application, using a framework designed to accommodate various development platforms can save a huge amount of time and money down the lane.

Popular Among the Developers Community

Application developers want to work with modern technologies that facilitate the whole creative process. They also want the ability to test, troubleshoot the error, and fix bugs in the most time-efficient and the least complicated ways. 


As applications become more complex and sophisticated, achieving the best UX has become essential. That’s why the ability to customize various framework elements is becoming fundamental to high-end app development.

Reliable Android App Frameworks

Following are the three most reliable Android app development frameworks in 2021:

React Native

Facebook introduced React Native in 2015 as a cross-platform, open-source framework. It can be utilized to build applications for iOS, UWP, Android, and Web. With React Native, product owners can develop mobile applications using JavaScript and React, along with native Android application development capabilities.

Benefits of Using React Native

  • React Native implements the various native User Interface components, providing applications with a high-quality UI with a native look and feel.
  • The expansive library of UI components in React Native speeds up the entire development time.
  • The framework offers your development team access to native functionalities, like camera, calendar, etc.
  • React Native enables you to use platform-specific native code lines to optimize individual applications.
  • Your development team can apply the immediate modification to an application without any need to recompile it.
  • Facebook’s support ensures reliability. 


Flutter is a significant contribution of Google to the cross-platform app frameworks market. Its initial iteration, Sky, was designed to run on the Android OS. Flutter was launched in 2017, making it one of the youngest app development frameworks. 

Comprehensive Benefits of Using Flutter:

  • Flutter features a comprehensive application development toolbox that includes APIs, CLI tools, pre-built widgets, and a wide range of other app development tools. 
  • Flutter enables your development team to create impressive widgets or customize the existing ones. 
  • With Google’s support, Flutter is extremely reliable. 
  • The fast code implementation of Flutter enables you to perform speedy bug fixes. 
  • Like React Native and Xamarin, Flutter is a free, open-source platform.


Microsoft introduced Xamarin in 2011, which has been around for more than a decade long, making it a traditional application development framework. The platform provides you with extensive tools and libraries specifically compiled for creating applications on Android,macOS, iOS, etc.

Advantages of Using Xamarin:

  • Applications built with Xamarin offer top-notch native-like performance.
  • The extensive ecosystem of Xamarin with .Net, C#, and Microsoft Visual Studio makes it one of the most comprehensive mobile application frameworks available in the market.
  • The platform-specific libraries of Xamarin provide you with access to APIs from Facebook, Apple, Google, and various other platforms to enrich your application’s capabilities.
  • Improved user experience
  • Same as React Native, Xamarin is open-source, making it free for small development teams.

Wrapping Up

This write-up would have given you a detailed understanding of how these 3 popular app development frameworks are gaining reliability among product owners worldwide. Implementing them in your next app development project with the help of a dedicated Android application development company would be a beneficial decision for you.

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