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3 Main Hair Types And How To Identify Them?


Dec 22, 2017

It is rightly said that hair is the woman’s crowning glory! Lustrous, long and silky hair has always been praised by innumerable poets.

Our hair is our ultimate accessory. We can go from an office to a party just with a change in hairstyle. Hair speaks a lot about our personality and enhances our beauty. Once you know about the different hair types and what your hair type is, it’ll become much more easier.

A. Oily Hair:

It is quite common for people with oily skin to have oily hair. Skin type does not differ between your visible skin and your scalp, perhaps you have oily hair. Oily skin makes oily scalp and oily scalp will make your hair oily auto These are prone to dandruffs too. Well ketomac anti dandruff shampoo are always available in the market. You can recognize this hair type by-

  • The hair becomes dull and lifeless easily.
  • Even shampooing your hair will look greasy in just a day or two.
  • Excess oil leads to dandruff which results in a lot of hair fall.


  • Frequently shampoo

Wash with diluted lemon , vinegar , cider and even beer

  • Avoid touching the hair. Oils can get transferred from skin to the hair.
  • Avoid oil massages as it will stimulate  oil secretion
  • Opt for room temperature water to  wash hair. Hot water stimulates more oil secretion.
  • Avoid using conditioner on the roots of your hair. 
  1. Dry Hair:

Inactive oil glands make dry hair. Well , not actually inactive glands but like ineffective glands.

If you have dry skin, then usually you will have dry hair. This is the because of the inefficient production of sebum by the glands on your scalp. You can recognize this hair type by:

  • Hair becomes frizzy and dry due to overexposure to the sun, harsh shampoos and chemical treatment
  • Brings split ends
  • Excessive hair damage and loss.
  • Deep conditioning.
  • Using flat irons, curlers etc.


  • Avoid daily shampoo to minimize dryness. Use ketomac anti dandruff shampoo to reduce dandruff from dryness.
  • Go for home remedies like avacado hair mask.Leave and wash off after 30 minutes

C. Normal Hair:

This is the most uncommon type of hair you will find. Taking the daily measures to clean, moisturise and protecting it from UV rays will never let you face troubles and recognize this hair type by-

  • Healthy hair with minimum hair loss
  • Less dandruff and other problems


  • Have a balanced diet to maintain this hair type.
  • Go for shampoos that are sulfate free
  • Frequent conditioning


If you want to know your hair type, try this simple test. Dab your scalp with a tissue after a wash.

  • Having oil blot makes normal hair.
  • If your tissue shows nothing, it means dry.
  • If it becomes greasy then you have oily hair.

To maintain healthy hair, you should:

  • Go for a healthy diet full of vitamins.
  • Air dry your hair instead of heat or towel dry.
  • Use gentle shampoos. Use an organic or a baby shampoo.
  • Avoid brushing your hair while its wet.
  • Prefer your natural hair and avoid too much chemical or heat treatment.


Make sure to love your hair and it shall return your love by being fabulous.